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 Hamper Contains:                                                                     

  • Hot Stuff White Ceramic Mug 
  • Marshmallow
  • Heart Puzzle 
  • Cherry Dragees
  • A Greeting Card of Your Choice
  • Reusable Pink Heart Shape Gift Box ( 25 x 20 x 10 cm)


Give this unique Hot Stuff Valentine box to someone who needs to know how sizzling hot their aura is! If you want to get funny gifts for your girlfriend, get this box that comes with a mug that says “Hot Stuff,” a pack of marshmallows, and some sweet dragees. It also includes a super cute heart puzzle- solve it together and come even closer!

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Sourabh Chaouhan

I recently received a hamper as a gift, and it was truly a delightful surprise.

Shivraj R
Quality product

this was a gift to my soulmate. She loved it

Ishan S
Good Product

packaging was really good. Ready to gift anyone. Overall product is good and worth the price.


Its beautiful. Exactly like its shown in the pictures

Just Amazing!

I liked all the products, packaging is top tier, so inlove with the appearance

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Q. What does the Hot Stuff Valentine box include, and how can I order it for someone special?

Ans. The Hot Stuff Valentine box is a carefully curated gift set designed for love and warmth. It includes a Hot Stuff White Ceramic Mug, soft marshmallows, a playful heart puzzle, tasty cherry dragees, and a greeting card of your choice, all packaged in a reusable pink heart-shaped gift box. To order it for someone special, simply visit the website or store where the Hot Stuff Valentine box is available, select the box, and follow the instructions to complete your purchase and delivery details.

Q. How can I solve the heart puzzle included in the Hot Stuff Valentine box?

Ans. The heart puzzle in the Hot Stuff Valentine box is designed to be both fun and challenging. Start by laying out all the pieces to see their shapes and sizes. Begin with the outer edges to form the heart's outline, then work your way inward, fitting pieces based on their shapes and colors. Take your time, and enjoy the process - it is a sweet way to spend some moments, and you will have a beautiful heart to show for your effort!

Q. Are the sweet dragees included in the Hot Stuff Valentine box in a variety of flavors, or is there a specific type?

Ans. The Hot Stuff Valentine box includes cherry dragees, focusing on a specific and delightful flavor to complement the theme of love and sweetness. These cherry dragees are chosen for their delicious taste and vibrant color, adding a touch of gourmet indulgence to your Valentine's gift.