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      Add Fun To Your Party With Quirky Party Gifts

      Parties are a great way to unwind and reconnect with your friends. In addition to getting a chance to dress up and look your best, you also get an opportunity to exercise your social skills. 

      Crazy Activity Games to Make Your  Party a Hit!

      Activity gifts that can spruce up the appeal of any intimate get-together or large gathering are outstanding for gifting and self-use. Gifts for party lovers can comprise a number of items and you can choose from a vast assortment of available confetti gifts. 

      No matter if you are sitting together for a chill evening with your cousins or going all out in terms of fancy decor and exquisite food display for your birthday or anniversary celebrations. We have put together a list of unique partying gifts available on our website:

      We all played Jenga when we were in school but parties aren’t all about just food and drinks. Of course, the host should always ensure that his/her party should have appetising snacks and a main course, refreshing drinks and an inviting ambience. But, to add to the charm of your party, you should put together some interesting party activities for adults so as to encourage your diverse social groups to interact with each other. When we have fun games for a party, we can easily pull the crowd together and set the merriment in motion.  College. This is one of the classic games that has managed to entertain us during our teenage years. We have intensified the challenges in this game, to make it even more entertaining and thrilling for the guests. This is one of the best party hits that you can get for your friends, family and even yourself. 

      • Play Out Or Black Out 

      This is a perfect icebreaker for any party if you want your guests to mingle with each other. This is amongst the coolest party activities for adults where you soon the wheel and indulge in funny and interesting dares. This game will become the highlight of your party and people will keep talking about it for days to come. 

      • Love Tokens 

      These cute little love tokens will let you pass on these tokens to your friends and they can scratch them to unravel interesting messages. This is one of the quirky gifts you can get for yourself and your friends.

      Make Your Party Exclusive with Confetti Gift Boxes

      If you are looking for the perfect party gifts to make your party a success, you can check out the following list. Further, these products will also make for perfect birthday gifts or anniversary/wedding gifts for party lovers:


      This is a traditional Indian board game and it will enhance the playful appeal of your party. Although four people can play it at once, it is always a good idea to place it at different tables so that different guest groups can enjoy this game.


      This enticing party gift will allow your party-lover friend to amp up the excitement quotient of his/her party. Many people can play this at once and this will involve a collaborative effort by all players. 

      Curate your Own Basket from our Uncommon Goods

      If you wish to put together the best party games in a basket for yourself or your friends, you can choose from an array of options available on our website. You can take your pick from the aforementioned options and explore more on our portal. One of the party hampers on our website is listed below:


      If your friends are art aficionados, this gift box will definitely bring a smile to their faces. It consists of a mini canvas, paintbrushes, acrylic paint, cloth tables and a gorgeous assortment of various other products. 

      Why Choose Confetti Gifts 

      Confetti gifts is an online portal that specialises in providing cute, adorable and quirky gifts that will tug at the hearts of the recipients. We have a stunning range of gift options with flexible pricing as you can also find fun and functional gifts under the 2000 to 3000 range. 

      FAQs on Party Gifts 

      1. What are partying gifts?

      Partying gifts can be used in two ways. You can get them to someone’s party and use them as party favours. You can also give these as token presents to the guests who attend your party. Partying gifts can add life to your party and they are ideal for party lovers. 

      2. What do you put in a party pack?

      You can add quirky party gifts, a snack, a drink and a party keepsake to put together a perfect party pack. 

      3. What are quirky Gifts?

      Quirky gifts refer to those gifts which are super fun yet functional. These gifts are a little out of the box and aren't typically exchanged as gifts, consequently, they are very interesting. 

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