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As a company with only young personnel, everyday begins with extraordinary energy, new set of ideas and a zeal to outperform. We focus on open communication within the company to make sure people are comfortable sharing ideas and thoughts.

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Customer Relationship Manager


A Quick Glance at Life in Confetti: Innovate, Challenge & Drive Change

We represent a rapidly expanding business that is home to a group of exceptionally talented and picky individuals that plan, create, and fuel our growth. We have put a lot of effort into developing our brand, which is synonymous with delivering the best possible experience.

We're always on the lookout for individuals who want to join us in this endeavour and be a part of a team that is driven by innovation and challenge. As we don't value passivity, you'll be a contributing member of the team right away. You are in this place to complete the masterpiece—Your Life's Work—for which you will be remembered.

If you are driven by challenge and innovation and are on the hunt for a job vacancy in Jaipur, you must take a quick glance into the life of employees at Confetti and then make a decision. 


Find A Place To Learn, Develop And Grow

We are a vibrant group of individuals with roots in Jaipur, Rajasthan and a realistic perspective on the world. At Confetti, the options are virtually limitless. All you have to do is open any one of the several doors that are available, each of which leads to fresh possibilities.

When Confetti succeeds, it means that we've all worked hard and will be rewarded with a spectacular party since we love to celebrate our victories with one another. We enjoy creating beautiful moments for our clients and for ourselves. Read more about how we operate, our mission and vision and our About Us Page.

Contribute to Your Outstanding Portfolio

Your portfolio is an outline of what and how much you know. Working with us you get a chance to work on quite unique and one-of-a-kind projects that help you develop your skills and build an outstanding portfolio for the future. If you are looking for a job in Jaipur that lets you explore your potential to the fullest and foster creativity in work then Confetti has a dream job for you, that you have been looking for a long. 

Make An Impact

We seek individuals with a creative spirit and take pride in working as a team where everyone's input is important. At Confetti, we prioritise employing professionals who are skilled in their field and equally as enthusiastic about making memories as we are. We have a customer-centric workforce that is always ready to go above and beyond to ensure that our customers get the best experience while gifting from us since customers are our first priority. 

If you too are ready to make an impact with your skills and talent and looking for a job vacancy in Jaipur, we have got you covered.

Jobs In Jaipur - Benefits When You Join  Team Confetti Gifts 

Making employees feel special is at the core of Confetti. We place our belief in the fact that, when a group works collaboratively to address issues and support one another's development, things turn out super amazing. With an array of benefits associated with working at Confetti, we know you won't be able to stop yourself from becoming a part of our team. 

Hence, if you have what we are looking for in an ideal candidate, your search for a private job in Jaipur takes a rest. 


With Confetti Jobs, you get an opportunity to work on some amazing projects and build your portfolio well. You also get a chance to enhance your skills while working on these projects. 

Pet-Friendly Office

Our warm and welcoming work culture lets you bring your furry friends with you. We believe pets accompanying you to the workplace relieves you from stress, thus fostering good mental health. If you are looking for jobs in Jaipur for freshers, become a part of our amazing team. 

Year Around Hampers

Who doesn’t love hampers? Of course, we all do! Being a part of Confetti, you get a chance to get those lovely hampers all year round. Be it a festive occasion or a work appreciation, surprising hampers are a part of our work culture.

Snacks Tasting

Savoury snacks not just lift up your palette but lift up your mood as well. With us, you get a chance to taste the most relishing savoury options. 

Insider Discounts

We are firm believers in the fact that happiness begins within. When it is about discounts, being an employee of Confetti, you too get a chance to avail discounted deals on various products and gift ranges.

Cracking Jokes

A light-humoured environment fosters creativity, imagination and productivity. At Confetti, you get to participate in the never-ending war of jokes, and the fun element about it is the lamest joke wins a title too.