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      Here we are with our best Curated Rakshabandhan Gifts

      Before diving into the vast sea of our curated Rakhi gifts, let’s get to know what Rakshabandhan is all about and why it is such an important festival in India. The way that Indian people celebrate it is profound. They try their best to make the most of this occasion. But why and how? Keep on reading to know.

      History of Rakshabandhan

      Rakshabandhan is not just a festival, it’s a representation of the love between siblings, sister and brother. By simply tying a thread around the wrist of her brother, the sister is assured that her brother will be there for her and protect her from every problem that comes her way. 

      Why is Rakshabandhan Celebrated?

      Rakhi, a bond of protection, exists because of a certain incident that is believed to have taken place in Indian history. It is believed that once, when Shri Krishna had injured himself while using his Sudarshan Chakra, Draupadi tore a piece of cloth from her saree and tied it around Shri Krishna’s injured finger. This is a part of the holy epic, Mahabharata. Since then, Shri Krishna has committed to protecting Draupadi at all costs. It is a sacred act.

      What is the Importance of Rakshabandhan in the Hindu religion?

      The Hindu Dharma takes Rakshabandhan very seriously owing to the historical event that they believe to have happened due to the Mahabharata. For Hindus, Mahabharata is not just an epic story, it’s a faith that they try to follow with all their might. Mahabharata teaches humans to be truthful and faithful, sets examples of the fact that the good always wins over the evil, and makes them believe that kindness, forgiveness, and being adamant about one’s dharma is the most profound way of living. When Draupadi tied a piece of her saree around Shri Krishna’s injured finger, she showed her affection and dedication towards him. In return, Shri Krishna promised to keep her safe, showing the chivalry he possessed. 

      It is believed that the best time to tie a Rakhi is during the afternoon, in the Aparahna period. However, it is also okay to tie it during the Pradosh period that starts at sunset. But there is a rule that must be followed according to the Hindu scriptures. One should always avoid tying a Rakhi in the Bhadra period, that is, during the early mornings and late evenings. This is because it is said that negative energies are at play during this time period.

      If you want to know which God is celebrated on Rakshabandhan, here is the answer- Lord Yama and his sister Yamuna are worshipped on this auspicious occasion. When Yamuna tied a Rakhi around Lord his wrist and blessed him with immortality, Lord Yama was so touched that he declared that whoever gets the opportunity to get a Rakhi tied around his hand by his sister, will become immortal. 

      Evolution of Rakshabandhan

      One can’t deny the fact that the way that Rakshabandhan is celebrated today is different from the earlier times. The way of celebrating Rakshabandhan has been changing, more like evolving, over the period of time since it was first celebrated. 

      How it was Celebrated in the Early Decades

      Rakshabandhan is a popular ceremony in India. Almost celebrated by all the Hindus every year. During the recent years, Rakshabandhan has changed the form in which it is celebrated. It has the sister tying a Rakhi around her brother’s wrist, but it wasn’t always celebrated this way. Rakshabandhan, celebrated on the last day of the Hindu lunar calendar month of Shraavana, was first celebrated in a different way than now. In Sanskrit, from which the word has originated, Rakshabandhan literally means, “Bond of Protection”. People, now-a-days, are used to thinking that Rakshabandhan is just about a sister tying a piece of thread around her brother’s wrist. But they aren’t aware of the way it transitioned from what it used to be to what it is today. The value of a Rakhi hasn’t degraded in any way, but the way of celebrating the love between sister and brother has. It is written in the old Hindu texts that in the early times Rakshabandhan was celebrated in a way where a domestic priest used to tie amulets, or threads around his patron’s wrist or changed the already existing but old amulets to a new one, and received gifts in the form of money from them. In fact, it is still the case in some places in India.

      Impact of Modernisation on Rakshabandhan

      Has the modern world changed our traditions, the way we celebrate our culture? You probably know the answer already. The way we celebrated our culture and traditions, including Raksha Badhan, has changed over time, especially because of the modernisation of our country. We have become ‘cool’ and are able to put technology to good use when it comes to festivals. Now, unlike before, a sister doesn’t need to tie a Rakhi on her brother’s wrist directly to receive a gift from him. The way we celebrated the festival of Rakshabandhan started changing when the postal services became an integral part of the way our country worked, with various documents and dak pads being sent from one city to another, one state to another. Since then, if her brother was away from home, a sister could simply post a Rakhi to her brother which took several days to reach him. The brother, in return, sent money as a gift for the Rakhi he received. In the recent years, however, the process of exchanging Rakhi and gifts between siblings has become faster and more efficient than ever. Now, a sister can easily select a Rakhi for her brother online if he’s not with her. She can even choose to send some chocolates his way. The brother, too, has the option of sending a gift online or a gift card to her sister. Even if one of the siblings lives overseas, he or she can always video call the other, and reminisce the older days; days when they were still kids. Basically, the way that a pair of siblings express their affection has changed but the love that they possess for each other, remains the same. 

      Changes in Rakhi Gifts

      As has been mentioned earlier, these days there are many different ways one sibling can shower love upon the other. There are many ideas about Rakhi gifts available online if one doesn’t want to rack his brain for it. There are many websites, like ours, that create unique, one of a kind Rakhi gift hampers that are sure to make your sibling climb over to the ninth cloud. You can easily select a Rakhi gift box online that you think fits your sibling’s taste and send it their way. Ordering gifts is a very convenient option in these days and times. The Rakhi gifts online are an efficient way that guarantees to save the time and trouble that one might face if the siblings live in separate places. 

      Ritual Variations across Regions

      The way that Rakshabandhan is celebrated varies from one region or state to another. This is not the case just for Rakshabandhan but for almost all the festivals in India. The way that the ceremony of Rakshabandhan is performed is different in every region.

      Narali Purnima from Maharashtra

      Maharashtra being a coastal state, celebrates Rakshabandhan along with the full moon day of Shravan. On this day, the devotees of Lord Varuna make an offering of ‘nariyal’ or coconut to the sea, praying for their well-being. This is done by the Koli community of Maharashtra. Another community, the community of fishermen, make a coconut offering to the Sea God praying for protection from any type of calamity and a prosperous life.

      Lumba Rakhi from Rajasthan

      Among the Marwari and Rajasthani community, sisters not only tie Rakhi around the wrists of their brothers, but also around the bangles of their wives. It is believed that since the wife of the brother is the ‘ardhangini’ or the better half of the brother, she should also share the responsibility of protecting and loving the sisters the same as their husband.

      Pavitropana from Gujarat

      The people of Gujarat also celebrate Pavitropana along with Rakshabandhan. This day doesn’t include only a sister tying a Rakhi around her brother’s wrist, but people worshipping Lord Shiva too. It is believed that worshipping Lord Shiva on this day clears away all their sins and makes them pure.

      Kajari Purnima from Madhya Pradesh and Bihar

      The day of Rakshabandhan marks the day of the start of the new agricultural season in Madhya Pradesh and Bihar, so it is an important day for them. 

      Jhulan Purnima from West Bengal

      This day is celebrated as the day when the five-day long swinging of the ‘Jhula’ of Shri Krishna and Radha comes to an end. The ‘Jhule’ or the swing is mostly decorated with flowers.

      Amazing Rakhi Gifts box and Hampers Ideas to celebrate Rakhi This Year

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      How to make Rakhi More Special

      One of the best ways to make your Rakhi special this year is by making something for your sibling by hand. Hand-made gifts have always been the best way to show your true emotions to your loved ones. If you are the brother, make a hand-made card for your sister, thanking her for all that she does for you and showers you with all the love possible. If you are the sister, you can easily make a hand-made Rakhi for your brother. We are sure he’ll love it. While preparing these gifts, make sure that they are personalised. It means that you should add some detail or the other that has a personal ring to it, something only you guys share as siblings, or something that is a priced possession of the other. 

      Amazing DIY Rakhi Gift Ideas

      As mentioned before, gifting your brother/sister something hand-made and personalised is the best option. If you are considering to make a hand-made Rakhi for your brother, all that you need is some kind of thread, be it satin ribbon, silk thread, or wool, decorative craft materials like beads, thermocol balls, craft paper, etc., glue, and scissors. Put them together in however way you feel like to make a hand-made Rakhi for your brother. 

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      Raksha Bandhan is an Indian festival dedicated to celebrating the strong bonding between the siblings. The siblings are always there for each other during all the ups and downs of life. The Raksha Bandhan is the symbol of deep affection and attachment between a brother and a sister. They are each other’s greatest confidants, secret keepers and supporters and this pure and beautiful bond of celebrating in Raksha Bandhan. On this day, a sister ties a rakhi thread on her brother’s wrist in return for a promise of safety and security. Celebrate the love between siblings with unique Rakhi gift hampers from confettigifts.in. Raksha Bandhan is made of two words, “Raksha” meaning protection and “Bandhan'' meaning bond. It symbolises the sacred bond of safety where the brother takes a vow to protect his sister from all the world’s evils. This traditional Hindu festival consists of several rituals that celebrate the loving relationship between a brother and a sister.

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      Raksha Bandhan Gifts Online in India

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      If someone asks you about the best person in your life, you may share the name of your father, mother, or maybe any of your friends. But I am telling you, don’t underestimate the bond between you and your sister. She’s the most precious person or a friend around you every time you need her. It is a very unanticipated thing that she’s not the one who comes in your mind at first because somehow being around every time makes her different from any of your friends whom you miss. She’s not only your good friend but so much better than that. Her pre-eminence is keener.

      If you have a strong connection with your sister, feel blessed and rich in a sibling compartment. Let us discuss some uncommon points proving the importance of sisters in your life.

      She’s a savage.

      She’s not like any of your friends in the case of knowing the truth about yourself. Friends usually mold before starting anything on you. But sisters are a bit different, they go with brutal honesty. The benefit of this kind of attitude of sisters helps you know more about you, clearly in less than no time.

      Being with you every time.

      Siblings grew up walking hand in hand. The relationship starts with so much fun, hates, fights, and whatnot. Your sister always hides your silly mistakes, the mess-ups you create, etc. from the parents, so that you will not suffer from anything bad. She shares pocket money with you to fulfill your tiny dreams. She’s the only unbeatable partner one can have in-home.

      Nonpareil Helping hand in hard times.

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      As we all know that we can’t share all the things with our parents. Some concerns are meant to be shared with your siblings or friends. Who’s better than a sister? She is the best reliable candidate to go with. She will help you drive with all the ups and downs of that particular scenario. The relationship between sister and brother is a very unique bond with love, care, and fights which can’t be shared with anyone else.

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      Every relationship has its ethics, bonds, love, care, share, and whatnot. No difference in the case of brother-sister relationship. They share the relationship of love and hate at the same time in which love is always dominating. Just like Tom and Jerry. They fight a lot but one can’t live without the other. Every brother-sister shares a special bond between them. They share all the things with each other. They are more like friends for each other. In their growing age, they used to play together, fight together on such stupid topics but as a kid, it was just a part of their day as well as enjoyment. But it is also remarkable that if the brother-sister grows up together till adolescence, the spark of their relationship fades somehow as this is the age of exposure, they tend to make new friends in order, start going out with their friends, etc.

      As time flies the bond or spark between brother-sisters regains itself on its own as they are now grown up adults, responsible, and more sensible. This will remain like this forever then. In the country of India, Rakhi is the most celebrated festival in terms of brother-sister in which the brother swears to take care and work as a shield for her sister whether elder or younger. It is believed that on this day sisters used to tie a knot on brother’s wrist and brothers surprise their sisters with surprise gifts like chocolates, etc.

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      Now let’s discuss a few out of the ordinary greatness of every brother-sister relationship in detail.

      A touch of safeguarding

      Brothers are like a solid rock always standing in support with their sisters. They can even deal with a bullet for you unlike their personality i.e., whether emotional or sentimental. But yes, this they will never admit upfront. They are decidedly a true hero for the family, especially for their sisters. You can lean on them after your father as he is the first one to protect you.

      Foremost secret keeper and listener.

      The Brothers react empathetically and sympathetically too when it’s needed. They are the utmost one to share anything. They will guide you in every possible positive manner. They will suggest to you what is good and what is evil for you. Whether it is related to any person or an event in your life. They will put their foot in your shoes to contribute their efforts or suggestions as a friend so that it will be so easy for you to understand what they are trying to explain to you.

      Your teammate in Health, Sickness, and, Crime.

      Who said brothers do not gossip, they do but only with their beloved sisters. They enjoy meals together. They love to have so many munchies with their sister. Even if you are sick, they will pamper you as your parent or friend to make you feel better and recover soon. Not only this, but brothers also react naughty with you, they are sometimes the funniest creature around you. They also do some really funny things randomly.

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