Chaupad Pachisi Game
Chaupad Pachisi Game
Chaupad Pachisi Game
Chaupad Pachisi Game

Chaupad Pachisi Game

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Chaupad / Pachisi is the national board game of India. It is an ancient Indian board game. This is a two-four-player strategy game. Other indian names for this game are chaupar, Chaupad, pagade, chausar, parcheesi, dayakattam, Sokkattan, Pagadi Pat. There is also a belief that this game may have been a precursor to the modern-day board game Ludo.


  • Chaupad Wooden Game Board ( 20 x 20 inch )
  • 16 Pegs ( 4 Pegs for Each Player )
  • 8 Shells


The game is for four players playing as partners. Partners sit opposite each other; Yellow and Black play against Red and Green To begin, the pieces are placed in the Charkoni. Each player throws the cowries - the highest plays first and thereafter turns are taken in an anti-clockwise direction. It is possible to play the game with two players. In this case, play proceeds exactly as if there were four players but one player plays Yellow and Black and the other plays Red and Green. Each player's objective is to move all four pieces down the middle of the nearest arm, around the edge of the board in an anti-clockwise direction and then back up the same arm to finish back in the Charkoni. The pieces are placed on their sides when returning up the middle of the arm towards the Charkoni in order to distinguish them from pieces just starting. Chaupad is a team game, and is only won when both partners have all eight pieces home. As with all true team games, working together is the key to winning. .


Moves are decided by throws of the cowry shells To begin a turn, the player throws the cowries The player moves a piece with the number indicated If grace is thrown, the piece moved can be played out of the Charkoni onto the board, if desired, and the the player is allowed another throw and so on until a 2, 3, 4 or 5 is thrown More than one piece from the same side can occupy the same square. A piece is not allowed to finish on a castle square that is occupied by one or more enemy pieces. If a piece finishes on a non-castle square inhabited by one or more enemy pieces, the enemy pieces are captured. Captured pieces are returned to the Charkoni from where they must start again with a grace. A player making a capture is allowed another throw of the cowries to be taken immediately. Moving is not compulsory and a player may decide not to move having thrown the cowries. This is typically done in order to remain safely within a castle square or to help a partner. A common strategy is for a piece to remain upon the castle square at the end of the third arm until a 25 is thrown, thus allowing that piece to finish without risk. It is possible for a piece, upon completing its circuit, to carry on around the board for a second time. This is often done in order to assist a partner who is lagging behind. Pieces finish the game by re-entering the Charkoni, having completed a circuit of the board. However, a player is only allowed to move a piece into the Charkoni by throwing the exact number required.


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