DOs and DON'Ts of Wedding Gift Etiquette

Giving someone a wedding gift? It can be difficult to choose the right one for the couple even if you have known them for a long time. There are certain wedding gift etiquettes to be followed that will ensure they feel loved and appreciate your gift like you want them to. You need to give them a thoughtful gift, and knowing about their preferences and interests might help in this matter. Ensure your gift is unique and interesting, which they will remember for a long time. But you need not think of all these things yourself because we have come up with a list of things to take care of while gifting that will help you choose the most perfect gift for the happy couple. 


1. Personalised Gifts 

Giving someone a gift that reminds them of your unique bond you carry with them is a great idea. It will make the gift more meaningful and memorable. You can also go for heartwarming gifts that will deepen the bride and groom's relationship with each other. A Glimpse of Us jigsaw puzzle with their most memorable photos and cherished memories is a superb gift that they will find useful. Another great option is to give them a personalised jigsaw puzzle that features one of your most iconic photos. 

2. Home Décor & Daily Essential things

One of the best no-brainer gifts you can give a newly married couple is some elegant home decor items that will make their new space more homely. There are various creative options in this area and you need to think about their interests while licking out a home decor gift. For example, if they love art, you can get a cool wall painting, and if they love music, a personalised Spotify wall hanging would be the one to pick.

3. Add a Personal Note

Always make sure to add a personal touch to your gift by writing a handwritten note with a small yet thoughtful message for the happy couple. Give them your blessings and wish them a joyful married journey along with a sweet message that reminds them of your special bond. 

4. Write Your Name and Pack it Nicely

Lastly, the presentation of the gift is also important and should attract the eye. Pack it with good quality wrapping paper neatly and write your name so they know who it's from. The wrapping is what they will see first when they open the gift, so make sure it looks dreamy!

5. Give Cash 

Giving someone cash is one of the safest options if you are not sure what they would like. It is also a great option for them as they get to choose what they would really want. You can give cash or even a gift card from their favorite brand.

6. Remove Price Tag

Though you may want them to think that the gift you have given them is new, removing the price tag is one of the most basic rules of gifting. You want them to pay attention to the gift, rather than the price.

7. Do RSVP Promptly

The bride and groom are already too busy and worried about organising the big day, so you want them to feel relaxed and let them know that you will be there so you need to RSVP as soon as you get a chance.

8. Do Consider the Couple's Cultural or Religious Background

Always think whether your gift will be more special if you add a personal or cultural touch to it. Knowing their cultural background and their beliefs is an important part of giving wedding gifts online.


1.DON'T Delay or Forget the Gift

This may sound like a pretty basic tip, but in the chaos and scramble of getting ready for a wedding, the gift you took such efforts to choose and pack may remain sidelined and forgotten!

2. Send A Gift If Not Attending

If you’re unable to attend the wedding, you can still try to send something to the couple as a vote to congratulate them. This seems thoughtful and will make them feel like you are a part of the ceremony as well.

3. Avoid Giving Expired Gifts 

This is an absolute no-no and can come across as lousy gifting. Just check the expiry date for the product you are buying and also the quality and any defects. This will help prevent embarrassment.

4. DON'T Overspend 

Although you may want to give the couple the best gift you can think of, you need to stay within your budget and avoid overspending for the gift. Look at budget friendly options such as personalised gift hampers at Confetti that are creative, quirky and affordable.

5. Avoid Offensive Items

Take care to avoid giving anything that may offend their beliefs or values, as this is an important part of wedding gifts etiquettes

6. Don't Regift or Give Used Items

It goes without saying that you need to give a new luxurious gift that is in good condition and will make the couple feel special. You can find several luxurious wedding gifts for couples online.


We hope your doubt about what to give as a wedding gift has been resolved with our unique wedding gift ideas and tips. All you need to do is follow these basic rules about gifts to give at a wedding and the couple will be super stoked to receive your personalised wedding gifts!


What is proper etiquette for a wedding gift?

Avoid giving used gifts, give thoughtful and personalised gifts and other etiquette must be followed while giving a couple wedding gift.

What not to give as a wedding gift?

You shouldn't give expired items, used items, or anything that offends their beliefs or faith.

When should you not give a wedding gift?

You should avoid giving any gift that goes against their beliefs or is not good in quality.

What is the etiquette for wedding gifts in India?

In India, the question of what to get for a wedding gift is common, and the above rules are to be followed when giving wedding gifts to couples.

What should I gift to newly married couple?

You can go through a host of wedding gift options as you will find many creative, quirky and personalised wedding gifts online, especially heart touching gift hampers at Confetti Gifts.