Because Har Ek Friend Zaroori Hota Hai

Friends are the sweet addition of thrill to the roller coaster that is our life. Not only do they help us in our toughest times, they have our back even when we don’t know what’s wrong. They are the bearer of our silliest secrets and witness to our most embarrassing moments (sometimes, the cause of it). No matter how much you deny it, you need your friends and they need you throughout your life, for celebrating the big and small joys and making memories for a lifetime. Life would be boring as hell without your best friends, and even if you give them a hard time all year, you should also appreciate them once in a while. Make that magical grin appear on their face with a special surprise for them. While you might not know how deeply your friends affect you now, after a couple of years you will surely miss meeting them when you have to be apart. Maybe you already have a long distance friend you miss right now. Make them feel special and cherish your friendship with a delightful gift that will surely make them smile. We have come up with some ways friends affect your life and how you can appreciate their presence in the sweetest way. 


Friends are the Stress Busters of Your Life

Friends are like a breath of fresh air when you are stuck in the humdrum of your monotonous life. Everyone has a source of stress in their daily life, be it from your workload, studies, or just the fact that the weekend won’t come any sooner. No matter what it is that’s bothering you, friends always find a way to make you forget your problems. That is why they also deserve a gift that makes them feel relaxed and worry-free, like a Stress Buster Box for calming their mind. When they always keep you happy and smiling, give them a stress buster box to make them feel sunny and positive even on the rough days. 

Friends Help Us Create Bonds 

Friends, though unknowingly, help us interact with different types of people. They teach us how to forgive, laugh and carry on a conversation. They instill the confidence we need to enter relationships and make them last. The basic element of all relationships, from coworkers to lovers, all are founded in friendship. It is a unique bond that helps us understand people with different views and opinions and interact with them freely. Such an exceptional friendship must be celebrated with an Exemplary Box that showcases your love and admiration for your friend. Give it to that friend who always makes you try new things and meet new people. Pamper them with the best goodies and thank them for helping you grow.

Friends Make Us Smile With Their Quirks

All your friends are starkly different from each other, which helps you understand their quirky and weird personalities. Though some of their annoying habits may bother you at times, you never realise when you will start missing those same little things they do. They might always keep you waiting and say they are on their way when they haven’t even left home, or suddenly disappear when they enter a relationship, or call someone else their best friend just to annoy you, all the things they do are infuriating, to say the least. But they also have your back when you need them even in the middle of the night. So, to honor those sweet and sour relationships, give them a Box of Annoyance to make them burst out laughing! 

Friends Help Us Weather the Lonely Times 

There are some painful times in our life when we feel like there’s no tomorrow, but friends teach us to reach out and ask for help. They are there when you feel like talking over a cup of chai or even when you want to chill out and have a beer for old time’s sake. They understand why you distance yourself and always pick the phone when you call them up. Friends are truly the family that you get to choose, because they know you inside out. So for all the times you felt like your friends pulled you through a rough patch in your life, appreciate them with a Beer Brewski Box that will surely make them feel proud to have you as a friend. If they are one of those quirky chai lovers, make their day with a Chai Lover Box and call them over for a cup of warm steaming chai, along with the hot gossip!