7 virtual birthday party ideas

The world has gone digital and not just out of curiosity but also a necessity! Sounds quizzical? Consider the current scenario that we’re coping with, the ongoing pandemic that is still making its presence felt nationwide and the numerous occasions, i.e. birthdays, anniversaries, Raksha Bandhan et al that we’re missing out on. After all, birthdays are special days where celebrating with near and dear ones sets the tone for the year ahead while also forging new bonds, strengthening existing ones and having a whole lot of fun at the same time. 

Yet, does it all have to go in vain? Do you simply have to skip birthday parties of your loved ones while you’re all stuck indoors at home? The answer is a big NO! As they say, innovation makes its presence felt anywhere and everywhere. You can take your pick from innovative and trendy quarantine birthday ideas for adults and children alike. Several virtual birthday celebration ideas will enable you to spend time cherishing special ones on their special days and without meeting in person. Agreed, the feeling is not the same as meeting in person, but at least it will bring more joy and succor into your lives without a doubt! 

So, coming to the core question, how do you make someone’s birthday special virtually? For this, you will have to put on your creative and thinking caps while plotting online birthday celebration ideas during lockdown. Here are 7 of the best virtual party ideas that will serve you well for birthdays of your loved ones. Take a look at them and customize on the basis of your own needs and requirements. 

  • Customized/Personalized Gifting- Nothing spells love, affection and making someone feel special than a customized gift box containing all the goodies that your friend, family member, colleague or loved one desires! A little dose of personalization makes people feel special, no two ways about it! From names and logos to special little messages, the sky's the limit when it comes to personalizing handy and thoughtful birthday gifts for special people. 
  • Gift Boxes- With the lockdown hindering our ability to celebrate physically, a virtual celebration calls for not just one gift or two but a whole box of love and good wishes! You can try sending birthday gift boxes online containing diverse treats and thoughtfully curated birthday gifts that will make your loved one smile to his/her heart’s content. This is one of the best ideas worth trying out. 
  • Sending a Cake- After all, a birthday is always incomplete without a cake. Don’t let the lockdown mar virtual birthday celebrations. Send a delicious and appetizing cake to the birthday boy/girl’s address and watch him/her satiate his/her taste buds to the hilt by feasting on the cake! 

  • Plan Game Night- If you’ve managed to rope in all family members, colleagues or friends (whichever applies), for the celebrations virtually, plan a game night with some fun activities that you can all do together while on a virtual video call. Have some games planned with scores and prizes (to be dispatched online, of course afterwards!) that will inject more fun and excitement into this special day. 
  • Dance Party- Plan a virtual dance party with your pals or family members on the virtual birthday celebration of a loved one. Get everyone together on a video call, turn on the music and simply have a blast dancing together. Distance may separate you physically, but you can still plan a rocking party for the special person in question. 
  • Dine Together- Dining together is another great way to infuse more warmth and merriment into a virtual birthday celebration. Keep a time set for everyone, including the birthday boy/girl, to sit down, either at lunch or dinner, over a video call. Everyone will love eating together, and the whole birthday celebration will get a new dimension, albeit virtually. 
  • Write something personal- This year, when you’re stuck for options to surprise or cheer up loved ones on their birthdays, and you can always go back to the basics. Remember how we used to write about loved ones in our slam books back in school or college? Bring back those memories by penning something for the birthday boy/girl and encourage others to do the same. You can all have a fun and heartwarming session later on in the day when you all read out your messages and dedications. This promises to be a wonderful activity and fit for a superlative virtual birthday celebration indeed. 

These are 7 ideas that you can use for celebrating the birthdays of loved ones virtually in spite of the lockdown and other restrictions. Innovation and creativity are key towards planning a fabulous virtual surprise. Of course, online gifts work wonders as well!