11 ways to celebrate long-distance Raksha Bandhan with your partner in crime



Ah siblings! Our eternal partners in crime! Ones we have fought with and irritated through the years but miss terribly now that they are far away from us! Sounds like a same pinch moment this Raksha Bandhan? Indeed, it is painful to be parted from our siblings on a day such as Raksha Bandhan, which we hold dear to our hearts not just for the heartwarming customs, delicious meals, and get-togethers with close ones, but also for the countless memories of time spent together over the years. However, not all is lost this year; even if you are away from your brother or sister, you can still celebrate this special festival long-distance with a few right ideas. 

In this context, there are tons of Raksha Bandhan gifts for sister ideas or Raksha Bandhan gifts for brother ideas that you can check out. You will find numerous online options for the best gifts for long distance sisters or brothers. Here’s taking a look at some of the most innovative Rakhi gift ideas for sisters and brothers along with fantastic ways to cherish your partner in crime, even from a distance!

  • Come up with a thoughtful and heartwarming social media post on Instagram or Facebook with a few cute snaps and memories of you two! Nothing will please your sibling more than waking up to this in the morning or simply checking his/her feed to come across this bundle of delight! A great surprise indeed! 
  • Video Calls always work; surprise your partner in crime with a fun video call to lift their spirits! So what if you are far away from each other? At least you’ll be able to see each other and reminisce about the good old days  on this special occasion! 
  • Have a watch party with your sibling and watch your old favourite TV shows or movies together. You can even send a Netflix and Chill Box or another Rakhi Gift Hamper for brothers and sisters online tailored especially for Raksha Bandhan containing some of the fanciest treats possible! This is a fabulous way to surprise your sibling indeed! 
  • If you feel musically inclined, get him/her on a call (audio or video) and sing a special song which is sure to make the day more memorable for both of you. 
  • You can also do a favorite dance routine together on video in your respective locations and record the whole thing for posterity! 
  • Love competing with each other in a mobile game or a quiz? Play the game once again to rekindle childhood memories. Winner gets a treat once things get back to normal. 
  • Arrange a virtual lunch or dinner party; cook each other’s favorite dishes and sit down for a chat over the meal. Trust us, it will cheer you both up greatly and bring you emotionally closer together! 
  • Record an advance video message and dedication comprising clips , images and your heartfelt message. This could be the sweetest part of the occasion for your dear sibling. 
  • Write something for your sibling. Straight from the heart. No two ways about it. Something you wished you’d told him/her. Something that they need to know. Tell them how much you care. No poetry or fancy couplets required. All you need is your honest emotions and love for your sibling! 

So here’s to a digital, virtual and long-distance Raksha Bandhan but not without the fun, gaiety and memories that make the day special in the first place!