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  • Acrylic Glass Size:- 3.5 x 3.5 inch
  • The bright LED light on this 3D Photo LED lamp is energy efficient, lasting up to 15,000 hours.
  • Never overheat.
  • The name is printed on the acrylic slab.
  • Do not clean acrylic with water, use soft fabric.

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If you’re looking for personalized gifts for your siblings, parents, or significant others, here’s one that will add light to their lives! This name lamp is unique and one of its kind, and Confetti will customize it just the way you want! It makes for a great birthday gift, anniversary gifts, or any occasion you want to celebrate with your loved one.

Policy For Personalized Order:

Cancellation of Orders:

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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews

It had some scratches when it was delivered. Didn't expect that :(


Perfect gift for birthday!!


Did not like the print quality at all and not worth the money


Thank you for the amazing gift and most importantly, thank you for customizing it so beautifully and delivering it on time..



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Q. Can you share more details about the bright LED light feature in the name lamp and how it adds to the overall appeal?

Ans. The bright LED light in the personalized name lamp is designed to illuminate the engraved name on the acrylic slab, creating a captivating 3D effect that enhances its overall appeal. This feature adds a warm, inviting glow to any space, making it not just a lamp but a piece of decor that personalizes and brightens your environment.

Q. What material is the acrylic slab made of, and does it contribute to the durability of the name lamp?

Ans. The acrylic slab used in the name lamp is made of a high-quality, transparent material known for its durability and clarity. This type of acrylic is resistant to impact and does not yellow over time, ensuring that the lamp maintains its aesthetic appeal for years to come.

Q. Is the LED light energy-efficient, contributing to sustainability, and can it be easily replaced if needed in the future?

Ans. Yes, the LED light in the personalized name lamp is highly energy-efficient, consuming less power and having a long lifespan of up to 15,000 hours. This efficiency not only contributes to sustainability by reducing energy consumption but also minimizes the need for frequent replacements, making it an eco-friendly lighting choice.