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Hamper Contains:                                                                     

  • Nostalgia Playing Cards in A Tin Box (Deck of 52 Cards)
  • Crax Natkhat Classic Wheat Puffs 22g 
  • Brick Video Game (colour as per availability)
  • Bensia Pencil With Maze Game
  • Phantom Sweet Cigarettes 
  • Orange Candies
  • Box of Chocolate & Candies (Kismi chocolate, Melody, Coin chocolates)
  • Tippy Tippy Top Paper Game
  • Handwritten Greeting Card of Your Choice 
  • Reusable Confetti Gift Box ( 25 x 20 x 10 cm) with partitions


Do you remember the good old days when everything was simpler and life was all about fun and games. Well, now you can relive those cherished moments with the 90's Kid Gift Box! This special gift box is packed with all the goodies that defined the 'RETRO 90s ERA. Get ready to take a trip down memory lane and relive the good times with this amazing gift hamper.

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews

I had a great experience with you guys! Love this hamper and your very professional customer service.


Very nostalgic


I want to gift my brother something different, I came across this gift 90's kit! It was like a nostalgia trip, so many memories attached to these products


Beautifully presented...

Urvashi H.

Loved It...Best Quality...

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Q. Can I choose the flavor of the chocolates in the gift set?

Ans. The chocolates and candies in the gift set come in a pre-selected assortment to capture the essence of the '90s nostalgia theme. The selection includes favorites like Kismi chocolate, Melody, and coin chocolates, providing a variety of flavors. Currently, customization of chocolate flavors within the set is not available.

Q. Are the Phantom Cigarettes edible?

Ans. Yes, the Phantom Sweet Cigarettes are edible. They are candy sticks meant to evoke nostalgia and are entirely safe and fun to eat. They do not contain tobacco or any harmful substances, making them a quirky, nostalgic treat.

Q. How long does the nostalgia gift set remain fresh?

Ans. The consumable items in the nostalgia gift set, like the Crax Natkhat Classic Wheat Puffs and the candies, come with a specific shelf life that ensures they remain fresh as long as they're stored properly and unopened within their best before dates. The non-edible items, such as the playing cards and video game, can last for years with proper care.