Why are gifts important in Corporate culture?

You’ve seen them at various corporate parties! Wrapped in neat and crisp wrapping paper, corporate gift boxes have become an integral part of any corporate event today. With their increased prevalence, it is only natural to ask the question. ‘Why have corporate gift boxes become so important?’

Over the years, corporations have become much more mindful of their employees' needs and well-being. Alongside, their relationships with clients have also evolved to be more than a financial exchange.

With companies feeling the need to take a step toward humanizing themselves, one of the best ways of making your employees and clients feel special is through gifts. However, before you dive through the Internet and dig through ‘corporate gift boxes India’, let us understand what makes gifts so important in corporate culture.

Creating a long-lasting relationship

We are all humans and it is okay sometimes to add a bit of personal touch to everything we do. While many may disagree with introducing a personal touch to professional relations, personal gestures such as gifts add value to the work relationship and help in enhancing them in the longer run.

More than the price tag or appeasement, gifting your employees, show that their efforts and work are being rewarded with more than just salaries. Furthermore, it goes to show your clients that you look forward to giving more than just contracted work. 

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Happier workplace environment

The best workers are the ones that are appreciated and cherished! In fact, companies with happy employees outperform the competition by 20%. The better and happier the work culture, the more enthusiastic and eager your employees and clients would be to work with you. 

The receiver of the gift is always going to feel joy and appreciation, be it an employee or a client! You could take opportunities such as birthdays, anniversaries, special days, etc. to gift your employees/clients and ensure they don’t feel neglected. For instance, on your company’s foundation day, you could order corporate bulk gifts online and utilize the opportunity.

Standing out from your competitors

Amid this competitive market, a mere pat on the back is not an ideal response to a job well done. It is absolutely essential for the companies to take a step forward and pull all stops to make sure the work is appreciated and the employees get the credit where it is due.

More importantly, if you put effort into selecting the gift and making it special for them, it would help them see how you are willing to go the extra mile to appreciate them. Besides, being grateful to someone will not cost you as much as finding a new employee or a client instead.

Promotes teamwork and harmony

A positive work culture brings together a reliable team. And what better way to bring the team together than by taking every opportunity you can to gift? A survey by Forbes shows that 94% of CEOs believe corporate gifting is critical to their company's success.

Whether you are looking for corporate gifts for women to celebrate a day of their strength and contribution or just taking the opportunity to celebrate a new deal and gifting the employees for their contribution, you are empowering your team.

Adding value for the recipient

Gone are the days when cotton T-shirts with the brand logo would make up for great corporate gifts. Today, corporations are expected to take it up a notch and put some thought into what the gift should be. And so, it becomes essential that the corporate gifting ideas add some value to the individual’s life.

For instance, if your entire team is working from home and is having a stressful week, maybe gifting something as simple as a Stress Buster Box can come as a thoughtful and caring gesture. Sometimes, it is the thought you put behind giving the gift that counts. In fact, in Japan, the gesture of giving the gift is more important than the gift itself.

It’s a sweet and smart way of making them remember you

Whatever may be the occasion, gifts are an integral part of the celebrations. Whether you are getting a Token Of Love for your near and dear ones or a Box Of Annoyance to annoy your loved ones, you know that gifts make these events special.

Similarly, with every special day or occasion, when you gift your employees or clients, you make them remember you as you make it special for them. This builds goodwill and it also emphasises this being an extra special gesture.

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