Unsure what to gift? Let's customize a gift box for your loved one


Gifts bring a smile to everybody’s face. It’s a pleasure to get birthday gifts, wedding anniversary gifts, Diwali gifts or Valentine’s Day gifts. It is as exciting because you make the day special for your loved one when you send them gifts. There is a plethora of gift ideas that are available online and in physical stores. However, personalized gift ideas can make your gifting even more special for your loved one of the personal touch attached to it. The best way to make a gift seamless is to choose a gift that is perfect for a particular occasion. Take into consideration who the gift is for, their age, and usability. Customised gifts ideas can help you get perfect gifts for your friend, family siblings or your better half.

You can choose personalised gifts for her during for your sister’s wedding or a friend’s anniversary. The personal touch will add glamour and make the gift memorable for her. Similarly, you can choose personalised gifts for him for your father, brother, colleagues or boss to gift them something thoughtful.            

Ordinary Gifts vs Personalised gifts - the more valuable

With the changing time trends of gifting have evolved. People today prefer personalised gifts over generic ones. Personalised gifts that may carry a person’s name, photo, and initials on them make the gift special and doubles up the joy of the celebration. Personalised gift ideas will help in creating a sense of belonging and exclusivity.

Ordinary gifts are generic and lack a personal touch. Generic gifts are so common that it is not surprising to see it being passed over further among relatives and friends. When you pick up a general gift like a coffee mug or a pen for your husband for his birthday, he is more likely to be happier if it had a personal touch like a message or both of your photos on the mug. He would cherish his name or initials on the pen. It is all about making the gift special.

Personalised gifts are regarded as more valuable than generic gift because of the thought behind it and the attention given to it. Ordinary gifts like flowers, and chocolates can be easily forgotten because they are given by almost everyone. But a thoughtful personalised gift is treasured forever as a token of love and affection.

At Confetti we have come up with Customised gifts ideas to make gifting special for your loved ones. Order personalised gifts in India from your home and get them delivered to your special person and bring a smile to their face. You can find personalised gifts for men and women on Confetti that will make gifting your husband, brother, uncle or colleague easier.

Importance of Personalised gifts for your loved ones in 2023 and further 

Personalised gift ideas are meant to stand out from the general. More than the gift item itself, the effort and thought behind it becomes valuable for the receiver. They help in creating a beautiful memory that the receiver cherishes. Personalised gifts are rarely passed on and are treasured by the receiver.

Personalised gifts are meant for everyone in your family from grandparents to tiny tots and from friends to office colleagues. Customised gifts ideas are perfect for your daughter’s birthday party return gifts in the same theme with your daughter’s name or photo. The receivers will always attach the personalised gift with the birthday and remember the fond memories. Similarly, you can send personalised gifts for your boss on his work achievement or birthday to make him feel special.

Here’s why Personalised gift ideas in 2023 are so popular and cherished by everyone.

  1.   It stands out in the crowd – A personalised cushion or mug is likely to be valued more than a regular bunch of flowers or a box of chocolates.
  2.   Thoughts Count – It tells about the thoughts put together behind gifting making the gift more special
  3.   Builds a stronger connection – A personal touch given to a gift develops a stronger connection with the receiver because it expresses the gesture of love better
  4.   Can be treasured forever – Since they won’t be passed off because of the memory attached to it, they’ll last forever.
  5.   Has your identity attached – Everyone loves flaunting their photos in the age of social media. Personalised photo frames, key chains, magnets, pens, and mugs make the gift special because it can contain their photos and names.

Style your own box with Confetti Gifts 

At Confetti we offer special services of customising gifts for your loved ones. We have amazing Customised gifts ideas to celebrate every occasion, festival, and holiday season. You can even style your own box by choosing individual products to go in your unique gift hampers.

For example, you can style your own box of Diwali Hamper for your mom with brass diya, candles, Laksmi paduka, chocolates and even chocolate popcorns! Whatever you choose gets in your unique gift hamper and you don’t have to be stuck with anything pre-determined! Isn’t that amazing?

Suggestions for Personalised gifts you can go with

Personalised nameplates 

At Confetti Gifts you can find unique and personalised gift items for your friends and family. Did your friend buy a new house? Gift them personalised nameplates to add charm to their new home. Personalised name plates for homes are the latest trend. They look classy and stylish. Find high quality unique customised nameplates on Confetti gifts.

Personalised wooden candle holder

Diwali is just round the corner and is the perfect time to get hold of candles and diyas. This Diwali gift your friend a personalised wooden candle holder for their new home! These candle holders can have their names engraved and could be the perfect centrepiece for their Diwali decor. 

Customised Name Lamp

Kids love their names on a variety of things. They like decking up their room with their name, and they even like it on their bags! Gift your daughter a Customised Name Lamp for her room. This lamp comes with the name on an unbreakable acrylic panel with ABS base and is sure to make her happy. 

Personalised date frame

Cherish the memories of your anniversary with a personalised date frame and surprise your wife. This 8 x8 inch frame can be hung on the wall or placed on the bedside table.

Personalised cheese board

Unique customised gifts are surely going to make your friends happier. Gift a personalised cheese board to that wine and cheese enthusiast. friend the personal touch attached to the gift makes it special. 

Send Gifts for him and Her with Confetti Gifts

Send gifts for him from a selection of products specially curated for men. From a DIY Cocktail kit to the Amazing Boyfriend Hamper you can surprise your significant other with a thoughtful gift. Send a Best Dad hamper on Father’s day or a Box of Annoyance to your brother on Diwali or any other occasion.

Send gifts for her on special days to make memories of a lifetime. You can find several personalised gifts for her on Confetti. Get the Girl Boss Hamper for your entrepreneur friend or the Pretty Bride hamper for your bride-to-be sister.

At Confetti Gifts you will find gifts starting from less than a hundred rupees to exclusive ones to style your own box. These gifts are handpicked and are sure to make anyone happy. 


You can send personalised gifts online anywhere in India by placing an order online on ConfettiGifts.in With our expert delivery partners, your customised gifts will reach out to the receiver on time and bring a smile to their faces. Choose from the wide range of personalised gift ideas on our portal. Send unique gift hampers and personalised gifts for her and make their day special.

For personalization you can upload a picture or add the name of the recipient or even add a personalised message, making the gift special. At Confetti, we are concerned about all your gifting needs and creating a moment to cherish forever. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Do people really like personalised gifts?

Personalised gift ideas are the latest trend. The personalised gifts are highly valued because they have a personal touch including the recipient’s name and photos.  People love personalised gifts and cherish them forever.

Q2.How do I personalise gifts for any occasion?

For a personalised gift you can upload a picture, add the name of the recipient or even add a personalised message, making the gift special. It will add a personal touch to the gift making it special for the receiver.

Q3. Are personalised gifts budget-friendly?

Personalised gifts can be budget-friendly. Style your own Box at Confetti with budget gifts as well as exclusive ones.