60+ Unique & Quirky Christmas Instagram Captions

Tis, the festival of singing Christmas Carols has arrived. If you're anything like us who loves to click photos and have a lot of screenshots regarding poses on your camera roll, then yeah we twin on that! 

Instagram-worthy events abound around this time of year, from the family jamming together to decorate the cutest Christmas cookies to really trimming the tree in matching pyjamas. The question What are good Christmas captions for Instagram? may cross your mind after seeing all those cheery, festive photographs. We have compiled the best collection of Instagram Christmas party captions to help you enjoy the entire festive season. 

20 Christmas Party Captions

Here is a list of cheerful Christmas party captions that will add more glam to your photos on social media.

  1. Wishing you a holly, jolly time at our Christmas soirée! 
  2. Warm hearts and cold drinks at our holiday gathering! 
  3. This is the best time of the year!
  4. No grinches allowed at our Christmas shindig! #OnlyGoodVibes
  5. Sleighing the game at our Christmas celebration! #PartyGoals
  6. Tidings of comfort and joy, and lots of fun at our party! 
  7. Festive Mode On!
  8. May your days be filled with friends and your nights with celebration!  #HolidayHappiness
  9. Ain’t I look bright just as this Christmas Tree.
  10. Eat, drink, and be merry!  #HolidayFeast
  11. Walking in a winter wonderland of fun!  #FestiveFrolic
  12. Filling my heart and plate with the best Christmas Cookies!
  13. Cheers to festive times and bright lights!  #ChristmasCelebration
  14. May your days be merry and bright, just like our party tonight! 
  15. All is calm, all is bright, and our party's a delight! 
  16. Spreading holiday joy one party at a time!  #SeasonsGreetings
  17. Sleigh bells ring, are you listening? At our party, we're all glistening! 
  18. Tangled in tinsel and the company of friends! #TinselTime
  19. Reindeer games and good company – that's what our Christmas party is all about! 
  20. A well-spent Christmas Eve is one when you run out of time opening the gifts.
  21. Spreading joy and all colourful vibes around!

20 Christmas Captions For Instagram

Are you planning to get that perfect click with your fam-jam and upload it on Insta, well, go ahead and post it with a beautiful Christmas caption from the list below!

  1. May your Christmas be decorated with cheer and filled with love. 
  2. Christmas is the day that holds all time together.  #TimelessMagic
  3. Let's make memories together this holiday season. #MakingMemories
  4. Santa Claus has the right idea: visit people only once a year. #HolidayVisits
  5. It's not what's under the tree that matters, it's who's around it.  #FamilyMatters
  6. From home to home and heart to heart, from one place to another, the warmth and joy of Christmas bring us closer to each other. 
  7. May your days be merry and bright, and may all your Christmases be white. 
  8. Christmas is not as much about opening presents as opening our hearts. 
  9. The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear! 
  10. Yule always be in my heart.  #ChristmasSpirit
  11. Sleigh my name, sleigh my name!  #SantaClausIsComingToTown
  12. Beneath the hustle and bustle, there's a season of love and joy.  #HolidayMagic
  13. The magic of Christmas never ends, and its greatest gifts are family and friends. 
  14. It's not what's under the tree that matters, it's who's gathered around it. 
  15. Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful. 
  16. Am I the only morning person this Christmas?
  17. So, what are your plans for this Christmas season? I am definitely going to eat a lot and a lot of cake. 
  18. Believe in the magic of Christmas. 
  19. Dear Santa, what’s in your bag for me this year? 
  20. Baking gingerbread cookies and pretending not to eat half the dough

The below-mentioned funny Christmas captions will make your viewers giggle and your friends return to your profile to see more such posts. 

  1. Dear Santa, I can explain...#NaughtyList
  2. Is it too late to be good? #LastMinuteWishList
  3. Just like the Griswolds, our Christmas lights are a little 'extra.' 
  4. It's all fun and games until Santa checks the naughty list. 
  5. Why is Santa so good at karate? Because he has a black belt in jolly-jitsu! 
  6. Don't get your tinsel in a tangle. It's just Christmas! 
  7. Dear Santa, define 'good.'  #NaughtyOrNice
  8. Let's be naughty and save Santa the trip.  #RebelWithoutAClaus
  9. I'm only a morning person on December 25th. 
  10. Who needs snowflakes when you have personality flakes?  #SnowflakesOfCharm
  11. I'm on the express train to the cookie exchange!
  12. You know you're an adult when you get excited about receiving socks for Christmas. 
  13. It's the most wonderful time of the year... to ignore your diet!  #FeastMode
  14. Why was the snowman looking through the carrots? He was picking his nose! ☃
  15. This Christmas, I'm the gift that keeps on regifting. 
  16. All I want for Christmas is... food. Lots of it. 
  17. I'm dreaming of a white Christmas, but if the white runs out, I'll drink the red. 
  18. Why was the math book sad at Christmas? Because it had too many problems. 
  19. Remember, calories don't count on Christmas! #SweetTooth
  20. I'm just here for the cookies and hot cocoa. 
  21. I'm here for the presents, but I'll pretend to enjoy your company too. 

If you loved the list of short Christmas captions above, then do not forget to tag us while you post your Christmas special photograph on Instagram. Also, do check out our personalised gifts collection to surprise your dear one’s this festive season and capture the best memories of them smiling!

Merry Christmas! 


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