The Power of Handwritten Notes: Meaningful Gifts of Words

Receiving handwritten notes or letters in your letter box is uncommon in today's era of quick communication through emails, social media, and text and WhatsApp messages. Even if technology has altered the way we communicate, getting handwritten, personal notes still stirs our emotions in a way that present-day modern communication technologies can only hope to match. Beautifully handwritten notes count for meaningful gift ideas, as they persuade the recipient with warmth and love hidden behind each word penned down.

Do you know, the Power of handwritten notes is such that it has a significant impact on the receiver? This is due to the intentional action that begins from the heart and is expressed through words written on paper. From "thank you," "I love you," or "I miss you" everything written on a piece of paper in the form of personal notes, has a different feeling attached to it. Most people are completely unaware of the power of handwritten notes, and how they can result in smiles and happiness.

In this blog, we have brought for you the various reasons why you should think of giving meaningful personalised gifts to your near and dear ones. Keep on reading to know more!

Significance Of Giving Beautiful Words For Gift

1. Fosters Relationships

All relationships share three characteristics: they are special, intimate, and always start with a connection. Like relationships, beautiful words for gift are special in that they offer a level of closeness that electronic text messages do not. Handwritten notes foster a relationship by displaying consideration and a desire to take the time to write. People enjoy feeling respected and taken into consideration. Not only do meaningful personalised gifts such as handwritten notes achieve this, but they also go one step further by establishing the basis for a long-lasting relationship.

2. Handwritten Notes Are time-Honoured Treasure

Gifts come and go with time, however, handwritten notes remain as special as the they were at the time of gifting. Do you know, a staggering 12 million handwritten letters (1) were delivered to waiting soldiers each and every week during the first world war, when the forgotten art of personal notes was at its height? While we don't anticipate you to share that many written notes, there is much to be said for sending something that will be treasured for years to come. 

Most of us tend to keep meaningful personalised gifts we've gotten over the years and have no plans to throw them away any time soon. While WhatsApp messages are soon forgotten, these thoughtful word gifts can remain with the recipient for all time, giving them reasons to rejoice in the old good and memorable moments. Get yourself personalised online gift hampers from Confetti.

3. Personal Notes Leave A Powerful, Lasting Impression

The power of handwritten notes is unmatchable when it comes to giving your dear ones meaningful personalised gifts. Beautiful words for gifts expressing what’s inside your heart have more impact than a fancy gift worth thousands of rupees. Be it a wedding gift for your favourite couple or a romantic gift for your spouse or girlfriend/boyfriend, a handwritten note creates a long-lasting impression on the receiver. 

4. Affordable Way to Build a Great Relationship

Your feelings for your loved ones are unique, how you feel about them can be compared to no one else. But, there are special occasions, when you need to make the other person feel special with thoughtful gift ideas, that aptly express your love for them. For such special days and occasions, handwritten notes are one of the most meaningful and affordable gifts that can help foster your relationship, without burning a hole in your pocket. Order a thank you note or a special personalised note for the one who always has your back. 

5. Close To The Heart

Portraying your feelings, gratitude, emotions and love through handwritten notes set you apart from others. Material gifts that find their way out of the receiver's shelves after a few days may lose significance, however, handwritten notes are cherished forever and remain very close to the receiver's heart.

Be aware that the card on which the note is written has just as much significance as the words themselves. Cards can be personalised and tailored to speak to each recipient individually.

Handwritten notes or letters, despite being a nearly extinct practice, bring us immense satisfaction when we get them. Our hearts are forever changed by the power of a handwritten "thank you" note or by the ink of a pen combining the letters of the phrase "I love you." If you too want to make your gift set apart from the others or want to express a feeling which has deep meaning a handwritten note is a best best! Be it an anniversary couple gift online or a birthday gift online, attaching personalised written notes is a great way to send your best wishes.

Get your hands on the amazing range of personalised handwritten notes from Confetti, you chose a card, share with us the message you want to convey to your dear ones and we deliver them to their doorstep in no time!