Stay-At-Home Date Ideas For Valentine’s Day

The world has changed, people are caught up with the hustle and bustle of everyday life, some don’t have time to go out on proper dates, others have children that leave no time for couples to spend an evening just for themselves. Amidst this, who hasn’t thought at least once that we could use a few fantastic stay-at-home valentine’s date ideas?

We at Confetti believe that there’s nothing like a relaxing evening at home with your significant other. Everyone needs time to chill and have some fun now and again. Though this is easier said than done, it isn’t impossible. With Valentine’s day less than a month away, we thought of some exciting ways to spend this day of love without you having to step out of the house. Confetti has brought 7 fantastic stay-at-home date ideas to celebrate your love this Valentine. All you need to do is sit back and go through the ideas carefully!


6 Best Stay Home Valentine Ideas

1. A nighttime picnic can spark things up

A nighttime picnic is one of our favourite date ideas. Planning an at-home picnic is fun and easy! You can arrange the perfect picnic at home or indoors with a bit of creativity. Of course, you’ll need some romantic-looking food, blankets and maybe some wine. This is one of the best ways to pamper your special someone affordably.

2. Binge on retro movies

If you want to spend some quality time together and enjoy an activity with a bit of history, then a classic movie series is a great way to do it. Make the event extra-special by dressing in vintage clothing. Watching classic films provides an opportunity to enjoy a shared experience and indulge in some old-fashioned romance. So, turn on some classic movies, then get cosy together and enjoy a romantic evening at home.

3. Romanticise music and dance on the slow beats

You don't need to go to a nightclub or a fancy party to dance together. Put on some romantic music and have your private dance session. We suggest the kitchen, and we think you should pair your dance session with a couple of glasses of champagne. You can dim the lights for creating the perfect relaxing atmosphere.

4. Try making and naming your cocktail drink

How about making a personal drink for the two of you? Get some essential ingredients and experiment. Call it by the name you’ve given it and share it. In this way, you can spice up your night by creating your signature drinks. Simply mix up some of your favourite liquors, fruits, and garnishes to come up with a signature cocktail to sip on while you relax after a long day. And if you need some ideas, check out the DIY Cocktail box!

5. Recreate your wedding day

Remember the day when you and your love got married? The butterflies, the flirting, the excitement of getting to know someone new and sharing the same room for a lifetime? A great way to re-create that feeling is with a date night at home. After all, your house is full of memories from your life together . . . It's an excellent place for reminiscing! Have a similar meal to what you had that night, wear the same clothes, and talk about the same conversation topics you spoke about then.

6. Play treasure hunt with gifts from Confetti

Play treasure hunt and make them find different gifts after solving clues. You can try gifts from Confetti. We have different hampers like Falling in love, Love Is In The Air, Romance Fusion, Candy, Crush and Men In Black. You can also try hiding other gift boxes like Lavender Bay, Pink Affair Box, and Cherry On Top. We have got you covered with these beautiful gifts to keep your relationships fresh and fun.