Planning a reunion? Plan in a classic way

Family reunions are a delight with meeting all your favourite aunts, nieces and nephews after a long time. But it can as easily be a disaster if not done the right way with some careful planning beforehand. With so many people getting together for some serious fun, there’s bound to be chaos. But try to stay calm and be comfortable with any spontaneous change of plans, because not everything might go your way when you have so many of your loved ones around you! to Get into action and start with the big things like the venue, meals, activities and stay. Think about how you can arrange for the tickets and what your budget will be. Then get into the details like what theme you could plan or what kind of family reunion gifts you could give them so they would remember this day or weekend for a long time. But you need not worry about the planning in any way, because we have it all covered so you know how to plan a family reunion in the most adorable and smooth way possible.

The Big Stuff- Guest List, Venue and Meals

Call up your family members and take a poll as to when you can find a comfortable date for everyone. It’s best to include everyone in deciding the important things so you have few disagreements later. Getting so many people to agree on a single detail is difficult, so you can pick a special event like a family member’s birthday or anniversary to help decide. Make up the final list of people willing and free to participate in the big reunion. Next, choose a venue close to everyone so they can stay comfortably for a weekend or even an entire week, if that’s what you have planned. It’s best to be clear upon the budget if you are jointly planning this reunion. Mention the common shared costs that everyone might need to take on in the planning call. Lastly, after finalizing the place, people and budget, think about what delicacies you can surprise your loved ones with. If you are going to an exotic location, make sure to include the local treats and think about everyone’s preferences. 

Activities- Let The Games Begin!

The most fun part of a family reunion is the quirky games and activities that you will remember for a lifetime! You can play the “Who’s Who?” baby picture contest wherein everyone has to bring a baby picture of themselves and you mix them all up and let them guess which family member resembles the cute faces on those pictures! You can also have a Family Trivia in which you quiz everyone about the weirdest facts about your family members. Enjoy the look of surprise on everyone’s face when they hear something unexpected about their relative! Another fun game is “Who am I?” in which you ask each family member to write their names on a piece of paper, toss it into a hat and mix them all up. Have each member pick a chit and without looking at it, tape it to their forehead. Now, on the basis of erratic clues you give them, they need to guess premium gifts which family member they are! 

Keepsakes- Give Unique Reunion Gifts

When you have successfully planned a big family reunion, you want to do everything you can to make the event as perfect as possible. Coming up with the best reunion gift ideas can be a task when you have so many people to think about. But how awesome would it be if you could give everyone personalized souvenirs they could keep forever in memory of this special occasion! You can give them a single gift or a couple of small presents they would be delighted to receive. For example, a personal touch for them could be you inventing a signature drink after every one of their names! You can have it served to them during dinner and photograph the moment to cherish the amazed look on their faces! You can also get personalized reunion gifts online that you can give them while parting. It’s best to give them something they would love using, like a relaxing hamper for someone stressed due to work, or a box of popcorn for a movie fanatic!


Planning a family reunion successfully is a mammoth task, and if you are able to get everything even close to perfect you deserve a pat on the back! With family members coming together from all parts of the country or even the world, you can use these innovative ideas to ease dinner conversations and get everyone into a fun mood. Make sure you arrange a photographer beforehand to document all your special memories and funny incidents. This is a huge ordeal that will surely make you miss your family members and appreciate them even more. Make sure they remember this day as fondly as you do with some stellar from Confetti.