New Year Gifts Hampers for anyone with A desk job

New year is right around the corner and amongst all the people you have to decide gifts for, your employees and colleagues are an important category! You must know the importance of corporate gifting if you have been working at a company for long.  Although it seems a little too soon to decide on new years gift ideas, it’s never too soon. You don’t want to go last minute shopping in the festive season. New years’ gifts aren't just a festival, it can also be a way to show some appreciation for your colleagues or work friends. You can strengthen your bond with your colleagues this new year and for that, you need some new year corporate gift ideas. Also, let’s not forget that you must have a new years’ party or some office celebration. It's a popular tradition in companies to have Secret Santa. These festivities will need you to have some pre-decided new year gift ideas for corporate. 

So, Confetti gifts bring you some amazing new year gift ideas for corporate companies that your friends, especially ones with a desk job, will absolutely love! Discover some gifts and relationships with our products. 

Unique New Year Gift Hampers Ideas at Confetti Gifts

You don’t want to be monotonous with your corporate gifts, especially on new years’. And that’s why, we bring you some unique and amazing gifts that you mustn’t have seen before. Gifting your friends gift hampers is one of the best new year gift ideas for your office friends. You don’t confine to one thing that you’re unsure they won’t like. You can buy gift hampers according to their 

Coffee Addict 

The Coffee Addict gift hamper is for that one colleague that always has a coffee cup in their hand. The gifts in these hampers are for coffee lovers. There’s some coffee, a cute up, and even coasters.

Hello Gorgeous

The Hello Gorgeous gift hamper is one of the best new year gift ideas for corporate. This beautiful gift hamper is aesthetic and has body care and self care products. Give this to someone who’s always stressed in your office and needs some relaxation!

The Hoping for a Better Year Gift Hamper 

Confetti Gifts brings you a gift hamper that shouts ‘Good luck for the next year,’ literally! This amazing gift hamper has everything feel-good to make your friends and family love you. You can customise it to the tee. It includes a greeting card with a personalised message, a personalised planner, vanilla candles, dark chocolate, and a calendar. Make your friends and family ready for the new intimidating year.

Netflix and Chill 

The Netflix and Chill gift hamper is for your lazy colleague that loves watching movies and staying in on the weekends. This is one of our favourite new year gift ideas for corporate because let’s be honest, who doesn’t love watching netflix? You get popcorn and different types of popcorn seasoning with some cuddly socks.

Chai Lover 

The Chai Lover gift hamper sticks true to its name. You will find chai lovers everywhere you go, especially in India. And therefore, give your colleagues this amazing hamper with green tea, art frame, and biscuits. Your friends will surely come and ask you for some new year corporate gift ideas next year!

Choco Maniac 

The Choco Maniac gift hamper is for all the chocolate-obsessed people out there. You can guess what this hamper contains - different types of delicious chocolates! This is a great new year gift idea for corporate because you can never go wrong with chocolate. 


Now that you know about all our different and amazing gift hampers, what are you waiting for? Pick all the colleagues you’re close to or wish to get closer to and think about their preferences. If you take the time to decide what every one of your colleagues will like, it will show how much you care for them. This form of intimacy will benefit you in the form of lifelong friendships! And who knows, you might even make it on the better side of the authority figures in your office! Get some of the best new year gift ideas at Confetti Gifts and make it to the favourite list of everyone around you! 


How can I choose a perfect gift for my office friend?

You need to understand what your office friend likes to get the perfect gift. Confetti gifts offers you a broad range of new year gift ideas for corporate that you can imbibe when you’re buying the gift. If your friend is a chai lover, buy the Chai Lover gift hamper and if they love chocolate then the Choco Maniac hamper. Confetti gift offers you a broad range of gift hampers for every preference you can think of. 

When it comes to gifting, can customization be a good option?

Yes, customization is a great option. When you personalise gifts, the recipient realises how much you know them and care for them. 

How can I make a new year's gift more special?

Take our advice on new year gift ideas and give your work friends some gift hampers. You don’t stick to one particular gift and customise them according to their choices.