Missing out on your BFF’s wedding? 5 ways you can be a part of it virtually

How do you attend a wedding virtually? This could perhaps be the question of the year trending on Google searches worldwide! After all, the ongoing pandemic has put paid to thousands (if not millions) of well-laid plans for weddings of loved ones, family, friends, colleagues and even other acquaintances. Now when it comes to your BFF (best friend forever for those who still cannot decode it!), his/her wedding is definitely special; it is one of the most memorable events of his/her life, and you definitely have a role to play in the same. 

Yet, what is wedding gift etiquette when you are attending virtually? What are some Covid wedding gift ideas that you can use? These are questions that will automatically plague your mind in the present scenario. However, fret not; you can always tap into some of the most innovative pandemic wedding gift ideas that will not only bring a smile to the face of your BFF but also remind him/her that you are there and missing the action although your warmth and love continue to be ever-present. You can also use digital platforms to set up some memorable moments for your bestie, although it will involve some coordination on your part! 


Here are 5 ways that you can be a part of your BFF’s wedding virtually without having to break a sweat over it! 

Innovative virtual wedding gift ideas: You can find tons of ideas with regard to innovative virtual wedding gifts. You can choose a customized gift box for your BFF, containing all the treats (both edible and non-edible) that he/she loves for a special touch. You can also choose elegantly tailored and carefully curated wedding gift boxes online that will add a special touch to the day above all else. Remember, customization is key; you can come up with several personalized messages/names/special logos that you both share which can be used at vantage points on gifts. This will undoubtedly add a whole new special touch to the special day of your BFF. 


Curate Memories: Does this sound confusing? You’ll be involved in digging out old pictures, memorable moments, special memories with the gang and a lot more! Bring out pictures over the years and make them into a digital collage backdrop that you can send him/her as a special add-on gift box. This will certainly delight him/her tremendously. On the flipside, you can also have a collage exclusively dedicated to your BFF, showcasing his/her evolution and major milestones over the years. This backdrop can even be displayed digitally while the wedding takes place. 

Send a pre-recorded message: You can send a pre-recorded audio and video message to your BFF which can be played before or after the wedding ceremony. Express your thoughts and feelings. Be the best man/woman and say something straight from the heart. 

Send flowers and a cake- Send a memorable surprise to your BFF and his/her would-be with a delicious and tantalizing cake and some beautiful flowers for company! Send this surprise without informing him/her and ensure that it arrives on the day of the wedding itself! This will certainly make the wedding doubly special and you can mark your presence without being physically present. 


Virtual attendance through video calls: This is of course, the most obvious option for those looking to be present at the weddings of their BFFs. You can get the entire gang together, have everybody on video calls from different parts of the city, country and world. Have everybody dressed in their finest and make sure that you also make an effort to dress up, just as you would on the day of your wedding. Request your BFF if he/she can arrange for a giant screen that keeps all of you very much present at the event while also ensuring that you all get a place in the wedding photos (as the backdrop of course!) too. Cheer for your BFF as he/she gets married to the love of his/her life, have a blast and possibly get some good food and beverages to accompany the session. Nothing beats this, and it does make up for the pangs of not being able to attend the event physically. 


These are the top 5 ideas for being a part of your BFF’s wedding virtually amidst these stressful times when we are all stuck indoors. Put your best foot forward, focus on giving your BFF some memorable surprises down the line, and you can even plan a surprise virtual bachelorette/bachelor’s party with the whole group of friends. Everyone can get their favorite food and beverages, play some music and basically chat to their heart’s content. This can be done on the evening/night before the wedding or sometime earlier depending upon when it is most suitable.