Exciting Gift Ideas To Greet The Loved Ones

No matter what the occasion, there is no bad time to gift your loved ones. Sometimes putting a smile on their faces just takes a simple yet heartfelt gift that spells out your love for them. And it doesn’t even have to be you booking an entire palace for them or standing out their balcony with thousands of roses surrounding their home. 

We can understand how choosing a gift for your loved ones is a task in itself. Why? Because everything you do for them, even the simplest ones, is enough to melt their hearts. So, why not take this as a reminder to buy them the perfect gift that shows how much they mean to you.

Here is a list of gifts you can surprise the people you care about the most with and make their day, a special one:

A Chocolate-Filled Delight

Happiness is a nine-letter word and so is chocolate! The people you treasure surely appreciate the thought behind the efforts and gifting a chocolate-filled delight is bound to lead your thoughts straight down their hearts!

Other than giving them a sweet tooth, our Chocolicious gift hamper provides you with a personal touch. Be it a gift for a new bride or a birthday gift box for him, Chocolicious makes it a sweet and delightful affair for your ‘someone special’!

Token Of Love

When Chris Stapleton sang, ‘Love is more precious than gold; it can’t be bought, it can’t be sold’, we felt that! Expressing your love shouldn’t always be a costly affair. A box filled with gifts and personal messages can sometimes make up for all the luxuries in the world.

When your significant other opens the Token of Love, they are bound to shed a tear or two or possibly, shower you with hugs and kisses. Among all the gift hampers online, this one is a heart stealer for sure!

And that’s not all! You can personalise the box to make it even more special for the most special person in your life.

Annoy’em Like You Mean

Too Much Love Will Kill You! This is not something we are saying but something that the arguably greatest rock band of all time, Queen has said. Perhaps it is time to shed the sweet side and plan a gift that will annoy your loved one (in a fun way, of course!).

Presenting the Box of Annoyance, a gift hamper that consists of humorous and witty presents that will help you annoy them as much as you want. So whether it is a sibling that you are looking to get back at or your partner who cracked a mean joke last week, guess who’s gonna have the last laugh now?

And yes, it comes with a handwritten greeting card. So pick your words wisely and let the fun begin!

The One For The Mom-to-be

Being a Mom is a brave decision and it also marks a new chapter in a woman's life! To commemorate such a special landmark in someone’s life, the gift needs to be equally special. And so, if you have a loved one who is soon to embrace motherhood, we have something for you!

Eliminating the boring gifts that show up when you search ‘mom to be gifts india’, we have the Baby Mama for you! We have compiled the perfect collection of gifts that add to the happiness of a mom-to-be and also serve as an aesthetically pleasing gift!

And this baby package is expected to be delivered in 5-8 business days!

Netflix & Chill

What are your plans for this Saturday or the next long weekend? If like us, you consider laying on the couch cozily along with your significant other and binge-watching the latest season of the series everyone has been raving about, we have something to enhance the experience!

But keep in mind, once you gift your SO, this Netflix & Chill gift box, there’s no turning back for you! In fact, you may have to keep looking for new shows to watch. We are welcome in advance, for this gift will make up for all the episodes you watched before your SO and tried to spoil it for them!

Kicking Stress Away

When it is you and your loved ones, there should be no place for stress. Be it workplace deadlines or pending bills, stress shouldn’t get the better of you. If only there was a way you could bid stress farewell, minutes at a time. Maybe there is something you can do!

While we are still looking to pack away stress in a box, never to be opened again, our Stress Buster Box will do a good job for now and keep stress at bay. Gift your loved ones this a way to relieve themselves of their stress and make way for happy times!

An Award For The Bathroom Singer

Behind those four walls goes a lady every day and sings her heart to the showerhead! We have all been there and finessed our vocal cords. After all, it is a safe space for everyone. So why not take this opportunity to sneak in some self-care for them as they wash their worries away.

So choose one of the best online gifts for women, Singing In The Shower, and make her singing session a merry one. Our gift hamper might not get the lady a ticket to Mumbai as an Indian Idol but it will definitely do wonders for her self-care routine.

Boyfriend Appreciation Day

Whether you are planning a last-minute birthday gift box for your boyfriend or you have been swamped in the gifts that were displayed when you looked up ‘online gifts for him’, your boyfriend deserves the best on his special day.

There is no better way of letting your beau know that you love them than gifting them our Amazing Boyfriend gift hamper, filled with gifts suitable to their name. As they unpack their gifts off the hamper, we assure you they are bound to love you more!

If gifting isn’t your forte, we are always happy to help you. At Confetti Gifts, we have compiled a list of gifts that go with every occasion. Go through our store and thank us later at checkout!