10 Excellent Diwali Party Games Ideas to Lighten up Your Festival

Diwali is right around the corner, and we’re super excited to celebrate the grand Hindu festival. Traditional attires, attractive Diwali gifts, and firecrackers are some of the many things that make Diwali our favorite time of the year. But do you know what else can lighten up this festival? Fun and exciting games! Read on for some of the most incredible games for Diwali party

List of 10 Excellent Diwali Party Games Ideas

1. Diwali Trivia

Diwali trivia is one of the best games for Diwali party to test everyone’s knowledge. You can prepare a questionnaire regarding Diwali and its significance. Include questions related to Hinduism and why Diwali is celebrated. The winner can get a fantastic Diwali gift hamper.

2. Rangoli Contest

The rangoli contest can be one of the most exciting Diwali games in office. On this auspicious day, hold a rangoli-making contest and see which teams win. Provide vibrant rangoli colors, flower petals, rice, etc., to the participants and adorn your office with stunning rangolis.

3. Blindfolded Sweet Tasting

Add sweetness to your Diwali party with one of the most scrumptious Diwali games ideas, a blindfolded sweet-tasting contest. The participants can earn points by guessing which sweets have been put in their mouths (they’re blindfolded). The winner gets a fantastic gift hamper from.

4. Dumb Charades

How can we forget dumb charades while talking about Diwali games in office? It’s the best game for movie lovers, and the best part is the inclusive engagement this game brings. All you have to do is give a movie to any one person on the opposite team, and they’ll try to make their team members guess the film using only actions.

5. Bollywood Dance Off

Now that we’ve discussed some cool sit-down Diwali games ideas, it’s time to have a dance competition. Play a random song, and one team member can come forward. Let’s see who knows most of the hook steps. 

6. Light the Diyas

Diwali is incomplete without diyas, and a diya lightning competition can be like ‘saffron on the sweets.’ This is one of the most competitive yet exciting games for Diwali party and can be played individually or in a team. Just put some diyas in line and see who lights the most diyas at a specific time.

7. Thali Decoration

Thali decoration is undoubtedly the most creative in the list of exciting games for Diwali party. This not only unleashes one’s artistry but also fosters unified effort. Everyone can decorate their pooja thalis, and you can also decide the winner of this game.

8. Antakshari

It’s impossible to exclude antakshari when discussing diwali games in office. Antakshari can not only be a singing contest but also a fun way to keep everyone entertained. One person can sing a song, and on whatever letter the song ends, the next person has to sing a song with that letter. 

9. Laddoo Making Contest

Adding another sweet touch to Diwali, laddoo-making content is among the most fun Diwali games ideas. All you need to do is have the besan batter, dry fruits, ghee, and other ingredients ready. Give a specific time frame and see who makes the best laddoos in the least time.

10. Diwali Storytelling

The Diwali storytelling contest is the most effortless and collaborative Diwali games in office. Everyone has a story to tell, but you can add a twist to storytelling by connecting it with Diwali. One person can talk about the significance of Diwali and why it is celebrated. We assure you that the conversation will take several twists and turn out to be informative and engaging.

Wrapping Up!

In a nutshell, there can be enormous options for you to choose the best Diwali games ideas. Whether you want to play these Diwali games in office, at home, or even among kids, they’re suitable for all. Games not only make Diwali even more fun but bring friends and family closer together. Try these games and have a very Happy Diwali!

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