Employee of the Month: How to make him feel special

Do you notice an employee who consistently goes over and above for their job? the one that each member of the group adores? Or perhaps the individual who departs late and turns up slightly earlier? Every business has one, I'm certain of it. It's past time that somebody who you know gets the Employee of the Month honor. The organisational culture should include rewarding personnel for good work. Employees commit their attention and energy to moving the company forward. When compared to the expected standards, some people go far and beyond to accomplish their ambitions. Such diligence merits recognition. Now, about every industry's reputation plan now includes it as a crucial component. When done correctly, it can encourage individuals to become more involved and raise standards of performance.
One of the most popular ways to recognise employees is giving them recognition gifts. And if you're wondering from where you can just get the perfect gift hampers for your employees then we got you! Confetti has the most amazing corporate gifting ideas you can think of!  Let's look at some of them.

The Choco Maniac Box

The Choco Maniac Box Includes Chocolate Shaped Diary, Gourmet Chocolate Popcorn by 4700 BC,  Hazelnut Flavoured Coffee by Jaipur Brewing Company, Nutella Chocolate Spread, That's My Batch Choco Chunk Cookies, Ferrero Rocher Pack of 3,  Free handwritten greeting card of your choice, and Premium Reusable Confetti Box. 

The Beer Brewski Box

The Beer Brewski Box Includes Nutty Gritties Barbeque almonds,  Everybody Needs a Hobby Beer Coaster, Budweiser Non-alcoholic Beer Can, Beers you must try before you die -  Booklet,  I don’t drink I get awesome Beer mug, 
Beer Bottle Shaped Bottle Opener, Free handwritten greeting card of your choice and Reusable Confetti Gift box 

Green Earth Box 

Green Earth Box Includes Succulent, Wooden Comb, Wooden Bowl, Wooden Spoon and Fork

Set of steel straws and Straw Cleaner, Wooden Biodegradable Toothbrush, Pack of Cotton Swabs, Free handwritten greeting card of your choice and a Reusable Wooden Confetti gift box

In- house cafe

For all the coffee addicts, this Box includes JBC Hazelnut Flavoured Coffee. JBC instant coffee contains only the best Arabica and Robusta beans, hand-selected from the world's top plantations.

No chicory whatsoever and only pure coffee.

Natural aromas that provide a distinct scent and flavour sensation. The refrigerator is not necessary for the storage of instant coffee. Maintain sanitary storage in a cold, dry environment. Avoid exposure to extreme heat and sunshine. It also got Vanilla Flavoured Coffee, Caramel Flavoured Coffee, Choco Orange Flavoured Coffee, Wooden Spoon, Free handwritten greeting as per your choice and a Reusable JBC Coffee box. 

The Sneaky Sunshine Box

The Sneaky Sunshine Box Includes Succulent, Yellow Dream Catcher, Jasmine Scented Bath Salt Jar, Lemon Scented Rose Cut Soap, Vanilla Scented Candle, Free handwritten greeting card of your choice and a Reusable Confetti Gift box.

Netflix and chill Box

Netflix and chill Box includes Netflix and Chill Socks, 1 Pair Pack of Premium Popcorn Kernels,  Cheese Popcorn Seasoning, Peri Peri Popcorn Seasoning, Italian Popcorn Seasoning, Free handwritten greeting card of your choice and a Reusable Confetti gift box. 

A Stress Buster box

A Stress Buster box to make your worrying days long gone is one of the best business gift ideas.  It includes Stress-Proof Book 
Smiley Ball, Stress Relief Bubble Capsules

Jasmine Bath Salt Jar, Only Leaf Chamomile 25 Tea Bags, Free hand written greeting card of your choice and a Reusable Confetti gift box. 

The Chai Lover Box

The Chai Lover Box Includes Chai Bina chain Kahan Re - Art frame, Mango Mint Green Tea by Tea trunk, Hibiscus Tea by Tea trunk, 

But First Chai - badge, Traditional Handmade Kulhad, Pack of Parle-G, Handmade Jute Potli, Free handwritten greeting card of your choice and a Reusable Confetti gift box.

The Fine Wine

The Fine Wine Box includes Mr. & Mrs. Unbreakable Wine Glasses each, Stirred Red Sangria Cocktail Mix, Wooden Sangria Stirring Spoon, Corkscrew, opener & knife made with natural rosewood with faux leather cover, Handmade 'The Sweetest' Chocolate Bar, Free handwritten greeting card of your choice and Reusable gold leaf Confetti box. It can also be given as an employee welcome gift. 

A "well deserved" clap is what the employee of the month honor is like. Although it may seem insignificant, over time it may foster tremendous passion and productivity. So, now whenever you want to honour the employee of the month, don't think twice and visit Confetti and get a number of corporate gifting ideas.