Corporate Diwali Gifts under Rs 2000

Importance of Diwali gifts

Diwali is a celebration of love, light, and happiness. This is the occasion where people let go of the darkness of their soul and their homes, while making space for positivity and happiness. The same is the case for offices. Giving Diwali gifts to employees is a great way to improve work culture and also to infuse positivity and spontaneity into the organization. There are different alternatives from which a company can choose gifts, be it sweets, chocolates, Diyas, candles, lights, dry fruits, or even a mixture of all these different things. 

Here are a few things worth considering: 

Budget and product 

One of the main questions for companies is the budget limit. Companies need to decide whether they want to give something small yet thoughtful, or want to do something big. There are different alternatives from which employers can choose their gifts hampers, based on their budget. 

Why is it good to use online websites to purchase premium Diwali gifts?

Online websites are always better when it comes to choosing the perfect Diwali gifts for employees. This is because there are more varieties, colors, and innovations, which are not otherwise available in normal markets. Moreover, the prices on online sites are also within reach and there is great quality available in turn. 


Blossom is one of the best Diwali gifts under Rs 2000 available online. This gift hamper comes with a beautiful Confetti gift box. It includes two Blue Torans, 4 Tea lights having a burn time of 5 hours, and playing cards for parties. This gift box also comes with a personalized Greeting Card for employees. This adds a great personal touch to the proceedings, while it will only cost Rs. 850. 

Happy Hour

Happy Hour is another great gift hamper available here. This gift hamper comes in a beautiful hand-crafted wicker basket which can also be used for other purposes. All the gift boxes available at Confetti Gifts can be reused. It comes with two Floral Design Coasters, Lavender Sheet masks, Happy Jars of peanut butter, and Happy Jars of Dark Chocolate. It also includes Lavender candles, lavender scented soap, Tea Shelf lavender tea, and lavender potpourri. Happy Hour also comes with a personalized note. 

The color and the overall theme of this gift box is soothing and subtle which also is a great plus point. The price of this gift basket is Rs 1990 and this also qualifies for free delivery. All in all, it is a great gift option for companies who want to do something unique and are open to out-of-the-box ideas for their corporate Diwali gifts. 

Styling your boxes and hampers

One of the best Diwali gift ideas under Rs 2000 is customized gift boxes. Companies that want something innovative, unique, and highly personalized, should go for this option. Confetti Gifts can also personalize gifts from scratch. These hampers and baskets come in different sizes and price ranges. You can start with the Signature box which is available in two sizes, namely a regular size which can hold 5-6 items, and a Big box which can hold up to 7-8 items. This costs only Rs 399. The Pretty Stuff Box, on the other hand, can hold up to five to six items and the cost of this is Rs 499 only. 

The XOXO Box costs around Rs 460 and it is suitable for four to six items. Wooden crates cost around Rs 990. Confetti Gift also has a personalized Acrylic Lid box and Personalized Pine Wood Boxes which can hold up to 5 to 7 items each. Lastly, the employers can also choose the Metal trunk box which only costs Rs 1299.

Each of these hampers, boxes, and baskets are handmade with care, keeping in mind the needs of customers. The color palette and the designs used for each of these gift items are soothing and highly aesthetic. Confetti Gifts offers premium personalized gift boxes with different items as per requirements. Companies can mix and match different items to create beautiful Diwali gifts. They can also add a personalized letter or a greeting card for employees to ensure another special touch ahead of the festivities. All the products available offer superior quality, while they sport unique themes tailored to the occasion. They also uphold environmental responsibility, being reusable and recyclable in many cases. Hence, companies can readily find gifting options under Rs. 2000 without any worries. 

About Confetti Gifts

Confetti Gifts is the best place to shop for corporate Diwali gifts online. It has some of the great Diwali gift ideas available. Confetti Gifts is a great place for any company to start their Diwali gift shopping anytime and anywhere. Getting corporate Diwali gifts online is a seamless affair at Confetti Gifts. It has many corporate and normal options available. Gifts start from Rs 800 to Rs 2500. Corporate offices having a budget of Rs 2000 can easily get many items for their corporate Diwali gifts. Some of the bestseller Diwali gift hampers available on this website within Rs 2000 are: