5 classic corporate gift hampers for employee work anniversary

Just like how our birthday and anniversary deserve a grand celebration, employees' work anniversary also shall be appreciated with celebration and a gift. Any occasion might be a reason for a celebration at work. Who doesn't appreciate a complimentary piece of cake on Mondays or a pizza party on Friday afternoons at the office? However, there are a lot more reasons to commemorate work anniversaries than just for fun. 

If an employee has worked for five or ten years for you, this moment deserves some appreciation through celebration and gifting. They've accomplished a significant professional milestone, with you so it is a happy moment for them and you both. This includes giving compliments for a job well done as well as marking accomplishments. Acknowledging the work your workforce has dedicated to your company is a significant expression of gratitude because a work anniversary is more transient. More companies ought to place more emphasis on this practice.

Celebrating a work anniversary for an employee can also boost confidence in them and make them work harder for you. Employee recognition and productivity are clearly related. In fact, 69% of workers claim they would put in more effort if their efforts were appreciated more. Additionally, feeling unappreciated at work might result in demotivation among the workers.

Work anniversaries become an integral part of an employee’s life when they have spent most of their time in your company. They are brought back to their triumphs and enjoyable times with the squad because of it. As a result, commemorating work anniversaries is now an essential component of the corporate culture. Gift hampers for employee work anniversaries can be found on Confetti. Check out some amazing corporate gifts hampers for work anniversary: 

  1. Choco Maniac: Treat your employees with some delicious delicacies compiled in our choco maniac gift hamper. It will definitely leave your employees with a sweet tooth. Your employees will definitely crave chocolate after a rough day at work. Chocolate Shaped Diary, Gourmet Chocolate Popcorn by 4700 BC, Country Bean Hazelnut Instant Coffee, Nutella Chocolate Spread, That's My Batch Choco Chunk Cookies, and Ferrero Rocher Pack of 3 are included in the gift hamper. 

  2. Bonjour: Our signature Bonjour themed gift box is a classy combination of branded products. No better way to truly appreciate your employee’s hard work than this gift hamper. The box contains  Zara Man Perfume,  Zara Woman Perfume, Brownsalt Almond & cranberry Granola Mix, and The Body Shop British Shower Gel. You can also add a personalised thank you message for your employee in the hamper. 

  3. Stress buster box: Stress and work are similar to complementary products. Employees are always stressed to meet deadlines, lock a deal or impress the manager for promotion. The stress buster box is a great way to make your employees feel happy for a while. Stress-Proof Book, Smiley Ball, Stress Relief Bubble Capsules, Jasmine Bath Salt Jar, and Only Leaf Chamomile. Using these products will definitely have a positive impact on your employees’ physical as well as mental health. 

  4. Purple Haze: Take care of your employees with our lovely products that will surely help your employees be happy. The box is filled with amazing skin care products that the employees can use after a tiring day at the office. The hamper consists of Lavender Rose Cut Soap, Lavender Pillar Candle ( Burn Time - 36 Hour ), Lavender Potpourri Assorted Cotton Printed scarf, and TONYMOLY Red Wine Sheet Mask. 

  5. Pink affair box: This is the perfect gift for all the female employees. When we present gifts to our loved ones, we always have a lot of options. The Pink affair box filled with items that our loved ones will treasure would be the ideal solution. Get your hands on this hamper that includes "Donut Worry" -  Art, Assorted Cotton Printed scarf, Rose Scented Soap, Rose Scented Bath Salt Jar, and a delicious Fortune cookie. 

Employees that put in a significant amount of years at work are deserving of all the praise. Their diligence and loyalty are what enable businesses to succeed. In a similar vein, you can show them your appreciation by recognising their successes with one of our gift baskets. Confetti Gifts has a wide collection of presents and corporate gift hampers that are appropriate for expressing your love towards your employees.

Confetti is your one stop shop for finding the perfect corporate gifts for employees. We assure you that our unique gift hampers will definitely bring a wide smile to your employees face and will motivate them to work harder for the success of your business. Apart from the above mentioned gift hampers, there are other options available too that you can check out at our website. We will deliver your products to your door step just in time. Our user friendly website that will allow you to have a quick and easy shopping experience so that you can save your time.