101 Instagram Caption For Birthday

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Birthdays are special. For each person, their birthday means something different to them and is marked in a unique way. A lot of people look forward to sharing their birthdays with their family and friends on social media. And if you’re an influencer, your followers will be just as eager to get the behind-the-scenes of what happened on your birthday. Whether you’re celebrating your birthday or your loved one is celebrating your birthday, a picture or a video with a sweet Instagram caption for birthdays would be perfect.

There are so many different captions online, and finding the right birthday captions for Insta or birthday countdown captions for Instagram is important for a few reasons. The caption needs to be tailored for the age you’re about to clock. The happy birthday captions need to have a message you want to pass across to your Instagram followers that’s similar to your usual tone of voice. Whether you want to go for something sweet, funny, or romantic, there are lots of options to choose from.

In case you’re celebrating someone else’s birthday and you’re looking for a best friend's birthday Instagram captions or captions for your other loved ones - friends or family, we’ve got some for you to choose from. We have categorised these captions for you to make your search easier. And with that, let’s get into it.

Top 10 Birthday Captions

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Here are our top 10 generic best birthday captions for you to use on your birthday. These are birthday picture captions you can use for pictures, videos, reels, and more.

  1. The fondant on the cake wants to escape.
  2. Don’t type ‘Happy Birthday’, just come on over and give me a hug.
  3. Excuse me, what flavour of birthday cake is the best? I'll try it today.
  4. I simply want a birthday without having to grow up.
  5. Today's date is “Cake has no calories”. Happy birthday to me!
  6. At least I’m younger than I’ll be next year!
  7. Is it really your birthday without a selfie?
  8. Today’s another amazing day: my birthday!
  9. Birthdays are good for you. It means a longer life.
  10. I don't get older, I level up.

Cute & Funny Birthday Captions For Me

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These birthday party captions come with a bit of humour to let your followers have a crack.
  1. Don't worry about my age, worry about yours.
  2. One year older, but definitely not wiser.
  3. Living my birthday by the 70/30 rule today: 70% champagne & 30% cake.
  4. Thanks for having me, mum and dad.
  5. They said it’s my birthday but I only came for the cake.
  6. Age is just a number, but my body says otherwise.
  7. Too young to feel this old.
  8. Ha! Act my age? My inner child says otherwise.
  9. When I was younger, I wanted more candles on my cake. Now I want less.
  10. New age, same me. But with a little glow up.
  11. I’m going to party like it’s my birthday. Oh wait, it is.
  12. Got a dress for today but I’m wearing my cake.
  13. My birthday looks best with my blanket wrapped around me.
  14. Here comes the cake and people along with it.
  15. I saw someone old in my mirror today and wished them a happy birthday.

Inspirational Birthday Captions

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Attach these captions along with a picture of birthday gifts for loved ones. Celebrate them twice as much with these inspirational captions.

  1. Ignore your age, every year you get a new one.
  2. Birthday: A day to celebrate not having died in the last year.
  3. Relinquish the past; embrace the future
  4. Here’s to new beginnings. Have an amazing birthday!
  5. Count your life by smiles, not tears.
  6. Sending you much love for every moment of your special day.
  7. You are a true inspiration to everyone who meets you.
  8. Here’s to the person who I never want to lose. Happy birthday!
  9. I look forward to another year of your success, prosperity, and good health.
  10. It’s us against the world…until your significant other comes along. Happy birthday. Bestie!
  11. Here’s to pursuing and fulfilling your dreams.
  12. You have accomplished so much and I can’t wait to see what you do as you turn a year older.
  13. Your birthday should be a national celebration. Happy birthday!
  14. You are the brightest star I see and you shine brighter every day.
  15. No wrinkles in sight, keep up the skincare! Happy birthday!

Unique Birthday Captions For Parents

Unique Birthday Captions For ParentsImage Credi : istockphoto.com

Here are some daddy and mummy birthday captions you can use on either of your parent’s birthdays.

  1. Happy Birthday to my dad/mum who sacrifices so much for me every single day.
  2.  Happy Birthday to the greatest parent in the world.
  3. Happy birthday to the first man in my life; my father.
  4. Here’s to the woman who sacrificed so much for me. Happy birthday, mum.
  5. Like a tree’s shade, my father is my life’s canopy. Happy birthday, dad.
  6. If only there were more mums like you, the world would be a peaceful place.
  7. The sacrifice of a parent is priceless. Happy birthday dad/mum.
  8. Got a gift but it can never measure up to the gift of love and affection my dad/mum have given me.
  9. To the amazing soul who brought me into this world. I love you. Happy birthday, mum/dad.
  10. They say superheroes aren’t real. But you haven’t met my dad.
  11. I know Wonder woman. She gave birth to me.
  12. Got my dad an eggless cake and the best gifts for him online.
  13. Happy birthday to the amazing woman that carried me for 9 months.
  14. Nothing can measure up to everything you’ve done for me. Happy birthday, mum/dad.
  15. With you by my side, I can overcome anything. Thank you for being there for me.

Romantic Birthday Captions

Romantic Birthday CaptionsImage Credi : istockphoto.com

Here are some of the best birthday captions for your loved ones. You can pair some of these captions with some of the best birthday gifts under 2500 which you’ll get right here at Confetti Gifts.

  1. I love your birthday more than I love mine because, without you, I’d pretty much be lost.
  2. Today is special to me because it’s the day you were born into this world.
  3. Happy birthday to the person who complements me in every way.
  4. Here’s to you on your birthday. Thank you for existing.
  5. Every day I wake up and I’m thankful for you. Today, I celebrate the day you were brought into this world.
  6. Your heart of gold is worth more than gold.
  7. Doing life with you is better than I pictured my life.
  8. I don’t know how it’s possible, but I love you more than I love cake/chocolate.
  9. Your birthday is exciting because I get to discover who you are in your new age and fall in love with you over again.
  10. Hugs, kisses, cuddles, and birthday wishes.
  11. There is no one else I’d rather spend the rest of my birthdays with.
  12. Happy birthday to my life partner.
  13. Today, God sent my soul a partner.
  14. Every day is special with you, but today is special because of you.
  15. A miracle; the day you walked into my life. A blessing; today, the day you were born.

18th Birthday Captions

18th Birthday CaptionsImage Credi : istockphoto.com

This category includes good birthday captions if you’re turning 18.

  1. Unlock the achievement: 18 years old!
  2. Staying 18 until further notice.
  3. Finally got to Level 18.
  4. Another year, another candle on the cake.
  5. Made it to 18! I’m more surprised than you are.
  6. Let’s see what 18 is all about.
  7. It took 18 years to get this awesome.
  8. Cheesin’ because I’m 18!
  9. Last year as a teenager. I’m ready!
  10. 18 years old. 18 candles. 18 wishes.
  11. Lean, mean, and 18.
  12. I’m high-key obsessed with being 18.
  13. Taking in that seventeen feelings.
  14. I may be 18, but I still feel like I’m 5.
  15. I’ve never been 18 before. I thought I would try it out.

21st Birthday Captions

21st Birthday Captions

Image Credi : istockphoto.com

Here are some captions for your 21st birthday that you would love. If you’re looking to get gifts for girls online, and boys, check out Confetti Gifts’ wide range of options to choose from.

  1. 79 years away from being a centenarian.
  2. I was 20 years old a minute ago, and now I’m 21 years old!
  3. Time to drink champagne and dance!
  4. Pop the bubbly, it’s my birthday!
  5. I spent a lot on that fake I.D. but here’s my real one.
  6. Sipping in gulps.
  7. Let the party begin.
  8. Being 21 is nothing to wine about.
  9. 21 looks good on me.
  10. I’ve got 21 reasons why I deserve this drink, but you’re getting none.
  11. 21 and legal.
  12. Cheers and beers to 21 years!
  13. It's my 21st birthday! Pass the booze.
  14. Tonight is the night I’m going to get lit — 21 candles, that is.
  15. Greetings on my 21st birthday. I’m incredibly proud of the person I’ve become.
  16. Where is the nearest bar?

And so, we’ve come to the end of our list of long and short birthday captions you can use. This list of birthday caption ideas can be tweaked however you like to fit your Instagram post. Have fun with these captions and use them with your birthday pictures, videos, or reels. The list of romantic birthday captions can be used as birthday captions for your wife or your girlfriend, maybe even your boyfriend or husband.

If these birthday party captions are for your friends or family, be sure to check Confetti Gifts for affordable and unique gifts to get for them. Till then, have an amazing birthday celebration!