10 Gift Ideas That Will Benefit Your Loved One’s Mental Health and Well-Being

People have lost their homes, jobs, and even loved ones due to the raging pandemic. We have been through a very difficult time, and not all of us are equipped to deal with these adverse circumstances. Depression and mental illness are on the rise. Despite talking about these issues now, we are a little closer to eradicating them. Of course, talking about these issues would be the first step to eradicating them, but would that be enough? In order to cope with mental health issues, we all need to feel understood, loved, and paid attention to. It is, of course, not always possible to visit and spend time with people who suffer from these issues due to travel restrictions. However, there are some things you can do to cheer up your loved ones. You can gift these psychologically healthy gifts to your friends and family members to help them gain mental health and fitness. As they say, a healthy mind makes a healthy body!

1. Sparkling SkyIf your loved one likes makeup and is very particular about their beauty routine, gifting the Sparkling Sky gift box would be a great way to cheer them up in these difficult times, especially if they suffer from mental health issues. Among the items in this box are a makeup pouch with silver glitters, a clay mask, the rose-cut soap, and a greeting card. If you wish, you can write anything you wish to make the recipient happy on the greeting card. Confetti provides all of these items in a standard black reusable box.

2. LitYour loved one is LIT, and they need to realize this! To make them believe that they are awesome, it would be a great idea to gift them the Lit gift box. In this box, you will find a notebook that says "You are loved", so that your loved one can remember you when pursuing it. Additionally, it contains a yellow dream catcher, incense cones that ease the senses, soap whipped from turmeric and sandalwood, and a greeting card you can use for anything. All of these items come in the rectangular, black Confetti box.

3. CandyIf your loved one suffers from an anxiety problem, the Candy gift box is sure to make them happy and relax a little. This box comprises an art frame with the words “Donut Worry,” a 220g pack of hot chocolate, a soap bar that is shaped like a cake slice, a 125 g cookie tin with “That’s my Batch” on top, and of course, a handwritten greeting card, all packed in the customary Confetti box.

4. Say no more- Another great gift box that would cheer your loved one right away is the Say no more gift box. This Confetti box packs in a cute plush toy shaped like an octopus, a candy jar full of peppermints, a nice and fragrant bath bomb (because they are the BOMB!), caramel popcorn, and most importantly, a handwritten greeting card. This gift box is also a great option to gift on Valentines’ Day.


5. Unicorn Gift box- Everyone needs to escape into the fantasy world once in a while. If your loved one loves the world of unicorns, the perfect choice of gift box for them would be the Yappy Unicorn gift box. This Confetti box has lips candy, a cookie packet in a bear bag, a translucent unicorn bag, an A5-sized furry diary with the embellishment of a unicorn, and a travel tag. Besides all this, it also has a unicorn pencil bag, a unicorn pen, and a handwritten greeting card.

6. Stress buster box- Stress needs to be busted, and the mind needs to be calmed, and the Stressbuster Box does exactly that. It contains a stress ball, stress-proof book, bubble capsules, and some of the best things to help one relax, such as jasmine scented bath salts, chamomile tea bags, 25 in number, and a handwritten greeting card.

7. Box of sunshine- You know your loved one is a ray of sunshine, but how do you make them realize that? You can gift them the Sneaky Sunshine gift box! It contains a yellow dream catcher, a vanilla-scented candle, jasmine bath salts, and a rose-cut soap with lemon fragrance. But wait! There’s more. If your loved one is a plant lover, this gift box is perfect because it comes with a succulent plant too and, of course, a handwritten greeting card.

8. Sleepy Head-If your loved one has insomnia, you must help them sleep better, and for that, the Sleepyhead gift box is the one to gift them. The box contains a cute sleeping eye mask, a pack of snacks, a vanilla-scented candle, a dream catcher, a frame with “I am sleeping” on it. Besides all that, it also has three packs of chamomile tea bags which will aid in better sleep, two satin pillowcases, a pillow mist, and even a playlist for better sleep.

9. Lavender Bay- Surely, no one can dislike the scent of lavender? And if your loved one does love the scent, the Lavender Bay is the one to gift them. It contains a body wash, a pure wax candle, a soap – all of which are lavender scented. Additionally, it comes with two packs of lavender flavored tea and a handwritten greeting card.

10. The Cherry on Top- If you want to surprise your loved ones and send them some feel-good gifts, the Cherry on Top gift box would be the one you should choose. It comes with a Choco-chip cookies pack, a soap with a rose scent, an attractive scarf, a makeup pouch with rose gold embellishments, a shower gel scented with British rose, a pomegranate sheet mask besides an art frame with “Hello sweetheart” on it and a handwritten greeting card.


The best and most tried and tested way to show someone you care about them is to give them a gift. However, it isn’t always possible to give expensive gifts online even if you want to. If you need to make your loved ones very happy without venturing out of your budget, Confetti offers unique gift boxes at extremely affordable prices .