Spin a Surprise Combo

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Hamper Contains:                                                                     

  • You Mean The World To Me Reveal Wheel
  • That's My Batch Choco Chunk Cookies 120 gm
  • Greeting Card of your choice ( 8 x 11 cm )
  • Reusable Corrugated Box ( 25 x 20 x 10 cm).


Dive into excitement with our "Spin a Surprise Combo Box!" Unleash joy with the "You Mean The World To Me Reveal Wheel," savor the delightful That's My Batch Choco Chunk Cookies, and express your sentiments with a personalized greeting card. All wrapped up in a reusable corrugated box, this combo promises a spin of surprises for a memorable celebration!

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Find it expensive


Highly recommend!!

Neha Shah

I like the cookies


Good quality...

Poonam P.

less customization options available...

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Q. How does the 'You Mean The World To Me Reveal Wheel' work?

Ans. The 'You Mean The World To Me Reveal Wheel' typically operates by allowing the user to spin the wheel, revealing different messages or surprises as they turn. The specifics of how it works may vary depending on the design and mechanism of the wheel.

Q. Are there specific flavours or variations of Choco Chunk Cookies available?

Ans. No, typically, the Choco Chunk Cookies included in the combo box are standard and do not offer specific flavours or variations. They are usually presented as described without additional flavour options.

Q. How durable is the 'You Mean The World To Me Reveal Wheel' for long-term use?

Ans. The durability of the 'You Mean The World To Me Reveal Wheel' depends on factors such as its construction, materials used, and how it is handled and maintained. Generally, if properly cared for, the wheel should be durable enough for long-term use. It's recommended that it be handled with care and that excessive force be avoided to ensure its longevity.