Seven Days Of Valentine’s

Love is the most important part of our lives, be it for the single, committed or the married individuals. February 14th or Valentine’s day, the day meant for celebrating our love for our partners, is one of the most awaited days of the year. But did you know that this day is preceded by a week filled with adorable cards, teddy bears, flowers for your love and more! The 7 days of Valentine are when couples are at their happiest and you see everyone expressing their joy with spectacular gifts. If you have a special person in your life you want to charm, read on to know about the 7 days of Valentine week, what each day represents, and how you can make it memorable for your partner. Make their week awesome with extraordinary ideas and gifts for your lover!


Celebrate The 7 Days of Valentine Week In The Most Unique Way

Valentine week is for those who have someone special they want to keep in their life for a long time. But what about those single folks who want to find someone too? Valentine week has got something for everyone, with rose day, propose day and many other interesting ways to talk to your crush and make him/her your valentine! You can find what they like and give them a delightful present that will surely blow them away. Have a look at these seven days of Valentine week and give your beau something special to make their day!

Feb 7: Rose Day

The first day of Valentine week starts with a classic yet timeless gesture of giving flowers to your partner, in particular, roses! Giving someone a bunch of roses is one of the sweetest ways to win their heart. Let the fragrance of these beautiful flowers find their way to your loved one’s heart!

Feb 8: Propose Day

Following the rose day is the Propose day, on which people express their feelings for their special one by proposing to them. This is done in the most romantic way possible so that your loved one feels special and accepts your heartwarming proposal for a relationship. Make sure you take them to a fancy place, give a cute gift and go down on one knee!


Feb 9: Chocolate Day

Chocolates are loved by everyone, especially when someone gifts them to you in an adorable way. The third day of Valentine’s day week is the day people celebrate their love by giving chocolates to each other. You can give your loved one a box of their favourite Ferrero Rocher chocolates or even Hershey’s Kisses which will surely make them smile.

Feb 10: Teddy Day

All these days are a way of showing love for your partner or someone you consider very special in your life. If giving them a soft toy like a teddy bear is what makes them happy, you have got to give them one on Teddy day! Make sure they remember your sweet gesture and always remember you when they look at the teddy. 

Feb 11: Promise Day

If you are someone who just got into a relationship, this is a good time to let your partner know how serious you are about them. Promise day involves making commitments and promising your loved one to stay together for a long time. Couples who are already in a committed relationship can promise to keep taking care of their partner for years to come.

Feb 12: Hug Day

Hugs are the most important form of human intimacy that can instantly make your frown upside down. Hugging generates various feel-good hormones such as oxytocin and serotonin. When we hug someone we love, we feel all the troubles of the world melting away. The sixth day of Valentine week is hug day, on which people embrace each other and express their love and fondness. 

Feb 13: Kiss Day

On kiss day, couples express their love for each other by means of kisses. This is a romantic and absolutely adorable way to conclude Valentine week and be open and comfortable with your loved one. A Hot Stuff gift box might be the best way to celebrate this day and make your partner feel special in a romantic and intimate way. 



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