Perfect Wedding Gift Ideas For The Newlyweds!

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What is a gift for marriage?

Wedding gifts for newly married couples can personify the love, admiration and good wishes of the gift-givers. As we all know, gifting is a great way to positively reinforce a relationship by infusing it with the sweetness of a thoughtfully chosen present. A marriage present is a great way to bless the new couple and won't then good tidings ahead. 

Domestic bliss is most definitely one of the most delightful experiences one can enjoy. Settling down with that one person who makes you happy and makes your life a walk in the park is one of the best feelings ever. This is why weddings are a special occasion. They are the initial steps to a beautiful journey for a lifetime that people look forward to.

Since weddings are such a special occasion, it is equally important that you send off the beautiful couple to a great start with the perfect wedding gift! Here are a few marriage gift ideas for couples that they'll remember you forever for

Unique Wedding Gift Ideas 

If you are looking for some good gift ideas for married couples, we have put together a list for your reference. 

  • Gift Them Something Pertaining To A Couple’s Experience 

While putting together the best wedding gift ideas, you can also opt for a cooking class together or an art class together for the newly married couple. This will allow them to bond over an activity and it can work wonders for their new relationship. 

  • A Photo Book

Although a wedding album will most probably be made, you can give them a cute photo book as one of the best gifts for newly married couples. This photo book can be used for putting in pictures of the couple’s vacations, date night pics and various other photos to commemorate sweet moments. 


Since the happy couple is embarking on the beautiful journey of life together as a couple, why not wish them many more adventures in the form of personalised passport covers! This gift idea is one of the handiest gifts that will encourage them to take many more journeys together. 


It's always fun to receive quirky and funny gifts for a newly married couple like the classic ¨just married¨ stickers and whatnot. You can take it up a notch for your favourite couple with a customised doormat. It will serve to wish them a good life and will also act as a fun gag gift!


Whoever said, don't let the glasses go empty was a wise person, most definitely. Champagne or a wine set does not just convey sophistication, but it is also a noble gift that everyone is bound to love!


A couple's bathrobe has to be one of the classic wedding anniversary gifts. Be it a special or any first of a new beginning, we prefer to start on the right foot with new clothing. Similarly, a couple's bathrobe is just the right gift that will come in handy for the happy couple. 

Best Gift Items For Marriage


When in doubt, a dinner set can get you a long way while choosing the perfect wedding gift ideas for bride and groom! It will come to use for them and encourages them to bond over dinner every night while using your special gift.


Who doesn't love coffee? Coffee has to be one of the perfect ways to start the day. Surprise the beautiful couple with the instant coffee maker of their dream and make them smile ear to ear. Give them the chance to have a head start on their day with your thoughtful gift.


Anything wooden instantly gives a rustic and aesthetic vibe. Marriage means domestic bliss. This includes staying in and having a laid-back day out at home while alone or surrounded by friends and family. What better way to make that moment even more special for them than with a rustic wooden platter set that will set the mood right?


A thoughtful gift box is probably one of the best wedding gifts ever that anyone can get. They are a perfect blend of everything lovely and are a shift from boring mainstream gifts. Get the happy couple a gift box from Confetti and give them a unique moment to bond better.


Since marriage is the first step after that one big night comes many more days and nights when the happily married couple has to make a home for themselves. Play your part in contributing to their domestic bliss by gifting them beautiful art print decor that will complement their walls. 


Now that the happy couple is finally getting hitched, it's time for them to share the same roof and enjoy each other's company all more. What better way to do it than with a special Mr. and Mrs. ceramic coffee cup that will make it more official!


A juicer is one of the unique wedding gift ideas. Along with wishing the couple a healthy and happy relationship, you also give them the means to encourage healthy living. A juicer reminds a couple how much you cherish them through the care you've put into the gift. 


A journal is one of the most thoughtful gifts one can get. The act of journaling one's feelings and activities is often found to be calming. Since marriage will bring several googly balls towards the couple, journals can help them get through it all more robust and better.


Since marriage is the beginning of a new journey, the happy couple is bound to face many new firsts and make new memories together that they'll remember forever. A thoughtful gift like a photo scrapbook will give them the chance to store those memories carefully and reminisce in them whenever they want to.


Everyone loves toast! It's one of my favourite breakfasts for every other couple. Since the happy couple will finally begin their life together under the same roof, give them the chance to enjoy a comforting breakfast made out of a new toaster!

Special Wedding Gifts


For any individual, skin care is a significant part of a daily routine that should not be ignored at any cost. After the hustle of curating the wedding day, the happy couple is bound to have suffered through a lack of skin care. Give them organic skincare Ayurvedic boxes and allow them to rejuvenate together.


Once you get married, the hustle does not stop there. Next comes renovation to make the significant other feels like he/she is at home. Gift the happy couple a beautiful multiple bedding set and help them check off an essential product from their list!

  • Wall Paintings

If you know that the couple is fond of wall paintings, you can select a good painting according to your budget and gift it to the newly married couple. It is a very useful new marriage gift as it will help the couple in decorating their room as they want. 

  • Gift Them Am Experience 

If the new couple is close friends with you and you are sure about their preferences when it comes to adventure, you can gift them an opportunity to bungee jump, or skydive or something along those lines. 

Newly  Marriage Gift As Per The Recipient 

If your brother, sister or friend is getting married and you are wondering about what to gift for marriage, you can browse through the following suggestions:

  • Best Gift For Brother’s Marriage

For your brother, you can get a personalised wooden frame from Confetti gifts with your brother and sister-in-law’s picture. This is a very cute and functional gift and the newly married couple can easily put it in their room or lobby as a memory from their wedding day. 

  • Best Gift for Sister’s Marriage

If your sister is about to take the plunge, you can get gift her the You are so golden hamper from Confetti Gifts. This is a super charming hamper that has a necklace, chocolates, greeting card, soap, body mist etc. The reusable cane basket will make for an attractive gift idea for your sister. 

  • funny gifts for friends marriage

If your best friend is getting married, it's a great opportunity for you to select something fun and quirky as a marriage present for them. The best thing about selecting a wedding gift for your friend is that you can experiment as much as you want with the options and think about something totally out of the box.


Tips for choosing gifts for a newly married couple

While choosing gift ideas for parties couples, the following points can be taken into consideration:

  • Take The Couple’s personal preference into consideration

If you are close to the couple, you can try to gauge their interests and preferences before choosing a gift for them. 

  • Be Thoughtful 

It is always a good idea to look for gifts that are thoughtful, unique yet functional. The idea is to look for a gift that will tug at the chords of the heart of the couple and bring a smile to their faces. 

  • Choose A Product That Resonates With Their Lifestyle 

While putting together marriage couple gift ideas, look for a product that matches the routine and lifestyle of the couple, so that they can derive utility out of the gift. 

Send off your favourite couple on the beautiful journey of life together as a couple with one of these perfect wedding gifts and give them your blessings in the best way possible. Wish them a happy marriage in the form of the most happening gift from Confetti!