Mother's Day Celebrations Around The World: Cultural Traditions & Customs


Mother's Day Celebration: When Is Mother’s Day 2024?

Most people when asked to state some traits of their mothers commonly use terms such as - “giving,” “kind,” and “compassionate,”  and yet it is the same mother who can take on the world to fight for her children. 

On Mother’s Day 2024, we’d like to accept that, though the complexity of motherhood is not something we can understand or know, what we can do as children is make sure our mothers know that they are loved, appreciated, and always celebrated. Gifts for mothers are one way of showing the love we feel.

Mother's Day is an occasion dedicated to mothers all across the globe. Mother’s Day celebration strives to inculcate in us - the habit of honouring our mothers and maintaining the tradition of acknowledging their efforts, sacrifices, and love that shape us into the adults we become. Mom’s Day as some may refer to it aims to celebrate mothers across the globe irrespective of faith, colour, and culture for their unconditional and bulletproof love.  

Mother’s Day Traditions Across The Globe


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Mother’s Day celebration in the different continents and countries in the world is one of the biggest annual events. Children get their mother's gifts and make sure they express the gratitude and love they feel for their mothers on Mom’s Day each year. 

Though we’re aware that love for mothers is a universal feeling and the celebration holds true for many countries across the globe. Let’s briefly look at how Mother’s Day traditions differ in various nations.

Mother's Day Presents And Celebrations in North America


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Mother's Day was first celebrated in the United States, in North America, when the then US president signed the Proclamation of 1914, which declared the second Sunday of May as a national holiday to celebrate mother and motherhood. 

Though, initially, the day was observed to honour the mothers whose sons had passed away in the war, slowly the significance of the day spread large and wide marking the day as a general celebration of all mothers. 

Mother’s Day USA: The Most Sought After Mother’s Day Flowers

Even to this day on the occasion of Mother’s Day, every house hoists the national flag on their front yards. Carnations are the flowers commonly associated with the occasion and the day marks huge sales of greeting cards across the country. Citizens of the US celebrate Mother's Day by going out with their mothers, sending gifts and showing their appreciation to their mothers or mother figures and enjoying themselves. 

Mother's Day Celebration in Europe


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Like the US, most of Europe celebrates the occasion of Mother’s Day with great gusto and love. Children thank their mothers and appreciate them in traditional and modern ways throughout the continent. 

History And Customs Of Mothering Sunday In The United Kingdom: Gifts For Mothers

Mothering Sunday in the UK is what we usually refer to as Mother’s Day. The date keeps changing every year as the occasion is celebrated as per the easter celebration in the country. Originally, on the occasion of Mothering Sunday, the people would return to their mother church to pay regards. 

With time the two terms Mothering Sunday and Mother’s day have been used interchangeably in the UK, leading to the Mother’s Day celebration on the same day. Mothering Sunday is to be celebrated on March 19, 2023.

In the UK, like France and other countries, mothers are showered with mothers Day presents. Hugs and roses given to mothers are symbolic of love and affection. It is customary for kids to make handcrafted cards for their mothers. Gifts are usually presented to other female members of the family except for mothers as well.  

Mother’s Day Celebration In France 


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France celebrates the day as a national holiday with children surprising both their mothers and grandmothers on the occasion. Often children are seen presenting their mothers with roses and hugs. Families usually come together like the festivals and have a fun-filled and quality time together. 

Mother’s Day Celebration In Spain: Mother’s Day Flowers

Spain, like other European nations, sees a surge of bouquets and card purchases on the occasion of Mother’s Day. In a traditional gesture of paying tribute to the mothers of the families, the dishes made on the occasion are symbolic of fertility and womanhood.

Mother's Day Celebration in Asia


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While we are all aware of the details and intricacies of festivals and occasions, we celebrate in our nations. It is hardly a secret that most people are oblivious to the culture, social relevance and practices of celebrating various occasions in different nations. 

Significance Of Mother's Day Celebration In Asia

Mother's Day is one festival of sorts which is common to all nations. The day commemorates all our mothers do for us and is a celebration of their vitality, strength, love and kindness. Most Asian nations like India, Japan, and China also celebrate Mother's Day with tremendous vigour.

Mother’s Day Celebration In India: Mother’s Day Flowers And Traditional Gifts

In India Mother’s Day is a day that is focused on celebrating not just one’s mother but every woman who is a mother. Being a subcontinent full of culture, diversity and traditions India has wholeheartedly welcomed the Western concept of Mother's Day celebration. 

Usually, children present their mothers with flower bouquets and other gifts. Gifting on the occasion is widespread and the day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May every year like in the USA. Mother’s Day 2024, will be celebrated on the 14th of May.

Mother’s Day Presents In Japan - Red Carnation As A Symbol Of The Unconditional Love

Haha No Hi, aa Japanese people refer to Mother's Day as celebrated on the second Sunday of May in Japan like most countries. It is believed that the Mother's Day celebration in Japan began roughly around the same time as in the US. 

During the turbulent World War I, Mother's Day wasn't celebrated but regained its popularity a few years after the gruesome warfare ended. A red carnation is given to mothers as a symbol of the love and gratitude the children feel towards them. Some contests are also organised to celebrate the day socially. 

Mother’s Day China - What Are Mother's Day Presents Traditionally Offered To Mothers?

In China, Mother's Day is celebrated both on the second Sunday of May and the birthday of an ancient Chinese philosopher- Mencius, whose mother is considered the epitome of motherly love and devotion. 

Mother’s Day China is a celebration of all mothers, and a tribute to Mencius’s mother, as she is known to have relocated, and uprooted her entire life thrice to provide Mencius with all the necessary tools for learning. Chinese people believe in offering red carnation/lily bouquets to their mothers on this special occasion. 

Know About Mother’s Day South Africa: What Is The Significance Of The Carnation Flower?


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In South Africa, Mother’s Day is seen as an occasion to celebrate and thank not only mothers but grandmothers and other women you consider a mother figure in your life. Mother’s Day celebration in Africa involves getting gifts for mothers, having a warm and cosy feast with them and also surprising them with creative cards on a special day.

Africans celebrate mother’s day on the second Sunday of May like most other countries. Families come together and eat traditional dishes. Carnation is the most popular choice of flower given to mothers traditionally in South Africa. Red or Pink carnations are presented to mothers by their children. However, for those who are closest to their mothers, white carnation is considered symbolic of their love and thankfulness for their dear mothers.

How Can You Make Mother’s Day 2024 Special?


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While mother’s day is celebrated in different ways, including giving gifts to your mother, cooking a special meal like in France, sending cards or flowers like in Africa and Japan, organising family gatherings or parties, and simply spending quality time with your mother. Whatever you choose to do for your mother this year, make sure she feels appreciated. 

Let’s not forget, mother's day celebration is also a great time to reflect on the importance of maternal health, maternal education, and gender equality in society. It is an opportunity to stand up for the rights of our mothers and women in general. 

Hopefully, this blog may have introduced you to new mother’s day ideas for celebrations. As we’ve read, mothers are celebrated and respected in all cultures throughout the world. After all a mother’s love is pure, unconditional and undemanding. It is just as important across cultures, races, traditions and geopolitical boundaries. 

Let’s ensure that for this mother’s day celebration, our mothers feel the love we have for them. Every small gesture of ours can make their day. Imagine what joy, a carefully planned day with surprises she likes and the company of her children will bring her. Make mother’s day 2024 special for your mothers. 

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