How to Celebrate a Long Distance Relationship Birthday

Staying away from your partner for studies, work, or just the pandemic makes you want to board a flight and meet them every chance you can. But sometimes, it’s just not possible, and you end up celebrating the big moments like birthdays on a video call. Although long-distance sucks for everyone, you can make the best of these special moments by planning surprises for long-distance boyfriend girlfriend birthdays, something your partner will remember for a long time. Although communicating over calls and meeting less often have become the norm, this doesn’t mean you can’t make their birthday as grand as you would in person. We have some unique birthday ideas for long-distance boyfriends or girlfriends that would put a smile on their faces. Ideas to surprise your boyfriend long-distance work like a charm, so you can plan little surprises throughout their day, Leaving them curious and wondering what’s coming next. Or you could keep them in the dark and give them a huge surprise at the end of the day! The ideas for long-distance birthday gifts are endless. Just read on to know how you can give your partner the fantastic long-distance relationship birthday they deserve.

Plan a Long-Distance Movie Night

One of the best gifts you can give your partner is spending time with them doing things you both enjoy. So what if you can’t watch a movie while holding their hand? You can plan an equally special date night by staying in, ordering their favorite food, and watching a great movie together on a video call. Long-distance relationships usually mean hectic work schedules and tired good-night calls. Keep this one day aside to celebrate with them and enjoy some quality time together. 



Make Them a Birthday Video Documenting Your Special Moments

When you are with someone for a long time, you are bound to have many memories that remind you of your quirky moments together. Be it videos from a trip you took together somewhere, pictures of your first date, or any other adorable moments to remember, and you need to document them so you both remark upon how much you’ve grown together. But, no matter how silly they are, pictures from when you were a new and shy couple will never fail to make them laugh! This is why a video montage of your happiest memories and hilarious moments would make for the perfect birthday gift for your partner.

Send Them a Cute Birthday Gift

Birthdays are incomplete without the best and most unexpected presents. Even if you can’t surprise them with a bouquet and a romantic gift in person, you can still send it over and bring that unique smile to their face. You should give them a gift hamper online consisting of cute little presents that match their taste. Show them that Love Is In The Air with a special love hamper packed with the best goodies to pamper her. You can also throw her a Birthday Gala while sitting in your home and watch her amazing reaction on video! You can also get a surprise gift service that will drop the present at the right time and give them a fantastic story to narrate! Make the occasion truly magical and worth remembering with some out-of-the-box presents from Confetti that will stay with them for a long time.


Take Them Shopping- Virtually!

So what if you can’t spoil your favourite person with shopping dates and spa treatments? You can enjoy shopping online with them virtually if they are a shopping enthusiast. Everyone is most excited about the gifts on their birthdays, but some people like to choose their gifts themselves. Picking things they love on their birthday while chatting or talking to them makes for a great bonding experience too. 


Bake a Cake For Them

They say that the best presents are handmade as they carry a personal touch. If you are fond of baking, then try making a delicious cake for your better half. It need not be too complicated, and even a simple recipe works as long as it’s from the heart. If you don’t know how to bake a cake, you can also have a readymade cake delivered along with her favorite flowers and a special message. 


Open When

If you are in a fairly new long distance relationship, this idea is as sweet as they come. Make some chits like ‘open when sad’, ‘open when you miss me, ‘open when you need a laugh,’ ‘open when you need a hug,’ and so on. Write meaningful and interesting messages inside, fold them up, put them in a jar and finish it off with a cute ribbon. These little messages work as great reminders of how much you love them and will make them feel better when they feel alone. We hope you loved our list of birthday gift ideas long distance to make their day memorable from afar!


So how to celebrate girlfriend birthday in long distance relationship? There are different ways you can do that and one of them is not exactly the normal way of doing things with advancements in technology and the use of mobile phones. But, snail mail, sending a handwritten message via post is absolutely romantic because it is hardly done nowadays. This is another one of our many ideas to surprise your boyfriend long distance. It would definitely take him by surprise when he sees mail at his doorstep and finds out it’s from you.



Flowers are romantic and very thoughtful gifts because they show how much the other person who sent them cares for you and thinks of you. This long distance gift is best when it is their favorite flowers because they evoke feelings and create memories. From the type of the flower to the color and the arrangement, it all matters. So, take your time and find something that your partner would love. Also, take the time to pen down a small note that clearly states how you’re feeling. This is a great way of celebrating long distance birthdays and declaring your love once again.


Secret messages are fun to have between friends, and in this case, your partner. Another way on how to make gf birthday special in long distance relationship is by sending cryptic messages that only she can decode because you two have spent time building and understanding your own unique way of communicating secretly when others are present. This allows you both to chat freely without restriction when you’re in company of others and send flirty texts. This is another one of our amazing long distance relationship birthday ideas you can try out.


Birthday Party

A surprise party is another one of the many great long distance birthday ideas you can take on. For a surprise party, you can plan out everything and even take care of the funds but have mutual friends show up and make it a special day for your partner. Begin planning days in advance by recruiting friends who are there to celebrate with them and have some friends distract your partner while your friends set up the surprise. Pre-order food, drinks, decor, cake, and more. Be on a video call when your friends surprise your partner as they walk in and see a live reaction of how much your surprise for happy birthday ideas for long distance.


Music lover

Here’s what to do for long distance birthday! If you don’t already have a playlist curated online or in a drive or mixtape, then you need to create one ASAP! These birthday gift ideas for long distance boyfriend and girlfriend is sure to make it known that you’re constantly thinking of them. You can create a playlist online on any platform you both use frequently or go old school and put it in a mixtape. Putting it in a drive and mailing the drive to them can be another way to go about this long distance birthday gift ideas. Let it be a collection of all their favorite love songs of any genre.


One of our last, but not the least surprises for long distance boyfriend is to curate a video of all their loved ones wishing them a happy birthday. You may choose to start or end the video but have everyone, friends, and family make a video wishing them a happy birthday and send them to you. If you have zero editing skills, have someone edit it for you, but if you can, then edit it yourself and have fun with it. Send this at the start, middle, or end of their day. This will be the cherry on their birthday cake.