5 Unique Ways To Reveal The Gift

It is always exciting to see someone’s reaction when you give them a present. Gifting is always supposed to be enjoyable for the recipient as well as the giver. When you get someone a gift, you also enjoy planning the intricate details of how the surprise will pan out and what reaction the recipient will give. It is always great when you put in a little extra effort into your gift so that your friend or partner knows you care about them. When you are invited to a party, try to present your gift a bit differently instead of keeping it unpackaged because that tells the recipient you picked it up on the way without much thought. Try to come up with some creative ways to reveal a gift which will make the experience more special for the recipient. Or you could just keep on reading to find the most unique ways to reveal your gift that are sure to put a smile on your loved one’s face!

An Accidental Surprise

The best way to hand the gift to the recipient is when he/she least expects it. Place it in a place they visit frequently, could be their work station at home or in the bathroom closet. Anywhere they could stumble upon it and get a perfect surprise, you’ve got the reaction you wanted! But choose the location according to the gift you have chosen for them. If you are giving them socks, don’t put them in a sock drawer. Find a unique location where your gift would stand out. But always be mindful of the potential damage. You don’t want to hide your gift in the oven and have it destroyed before your eyes!


Make Them Hunt For It!

A treasure hunt for a gift is something that always makes you excited, and it’s not just meant for little kids! Adults, too, feel the boundless joy of finding their present, and searching for it makes things more interesting! You could add some clues that help them search or just text them a hint, like a photo of their dog if the present is in the dog house. You could also go for a scavenger hunt leading from one location to the next, where they pick up clues along the way and find a customized gift box for them at the final destination. This is a much better way of gifting than just handing them cash or a coupon. It shows that you put in the effort. You can find charming gift boxes online at Confetti that will make the surprise even more enjoyable!

Get a Middleman

One of the most sophisticated ways of gifting is to not give the present yourself. Make a stranger do it by planning things accordingly. If you are at a restaurant, arrange to have one of the wait staff hand over the present as a gift for her. This is because while your loved one may expect a present from you, they will be surprised to get it from someone else. You can make the surprise more adorable by attaching the gift to their pet’s collar, if they have one. When they wake up in the morning to play with their pet, a special surprise will be waiting! However, be mindful of the risk involved when someone else handles your present. The risk becomes greater when you have your pet deliver the present, but if you can pull it off, it will be a memory to cherish!

The Fake Present Distraction!

In the excitement of doing something grand, you might actually give away your surprise by letting the recipient know the gift as soon as you enter holding it. Why not add an element of mystery by wrapping the present as if it’s something totally different, and way less appealing than the actual present. All you need to do is wrap the present in such a way that it doesn’t make the recipient too excited about what’s in there. And when they open it, voila! They will be shocked to find a priceless gift for him inside.

The Secret Present

Another classy way of gifting is to hide a second present inside another gift they already want. It can be called the Trojan Horse gift, where the gift is already charming, but the recipient never expects what else could be present inside! A fine example would be to give a book you know your friend already wants, and hide concert tickets inside it. Or if you are gifting a dress to your partner, hide some beautiful earrings in the pocket. So you hit two birds with one stone and also get a wonderful reaction to your surprise!