5 corporate gift ideas to welcome a new Joinee

When you are tasked with welcoming someone to work it can be both exciting and stressful but these tokens of appreciation can take the stress out of the equation for you. Gifts have become an integral part of our lives and they are no longer just a personal gesture of gratitude and love. 

Over the years, corporates have adapted and evolved the art of gift-giving. It serves as a strategic ice-breaker, a motivator, and a gesture of appreciation that exceeds beyond a pat on the back. Now the only thing to check off your list is to choose from thousands of corporate gift items and find the one that would make for an ideal new joinee welcome kit.

However, worry not! We have looked through thousands of corporate gifting ideas and after hours and hours of research, we have put together a list of business gift ideas that would make for a perfect gift for a new joinee:

Paving The Way For A Sweet Start

So, a new joinee just became a part of your team and you want to make them feel welcome. Wouldn’t it be great if it began with a sweet delicacy? After all, nothing says welcome like a chocolate-filled delight. 

Since around 1500 A.D., people have been consuming chocolates, and ever since it has become a delicacy relished by everyone. What were once luxury items, chocolate has today become an everyday edible that is accessible by everyone. 

By gifting our Chocolicious gift box you can make a welcoming first impression. Not only does it contain the goodness of chocolate/s but also has a free handwritten greeting card that can be customized.

So, get off to a sweet start and give the new joinee a sweet tooth!

Company Merch

Nothing says welcome to the team like company merchandise. Whether it is a T-shirt with your logo printed on it, or a laptop cover with your brand logo, it makes the new joinee experience themselves as a part of your team.

Gifting a present that has the brand logo on it also adds to the brand value and creates uniformity among all the members of the company. It is also a personalized effort to include the newly-added member and make them feel at home.

In case you are trying to search for quality items that can serve as company merch and add value to your employees’ daily lives, then we have something in the shop for you. 

Right from our Black Ceramic Mug to help the employee start their day with a hot cup of coffee to the Bamboo Flask Bottle to remind you to hydrate yourself amid this summer heat, you can browse through many such corporate gift items and add to your corporate gifting ideas.

Adding Tea to Team

Discovered by accident in 2732 BC, Tea today has become one of the favourite refreshments for people worldwide. Known as chai in India, tea and chai breaks have done more for corporates than any of the team-building exercises.

So, when you are welcoming a fellow new member to your company, why not take this opportunity to break the ice with a gift that screams the love for tea? 

And in case, you don’t know where to start, our Chai Lover hamper might be a perfect option to go forward with. It is filled with goodies that make introductions a little less intimidating and can get you and the new joinee off to a great professional relationship.

So why wait? Add our hamper to your cart today and add the tea to the team.

A Stress-Free Environment

Let us admit that trying something new is always a stressful affair. For some, it may not be as stressful but for others, it may come with thousands of racing thoughts. New joinings are no exception to this. 

The first-day nervousness, the urge to make a good first impression among others may get the best of us. But a simple smile and a gift might bust that nervousness and stress. And these don't have to be one of the luxury gifts boxes for employees! It can be something simple enough that shows the gesture.

If you are drowning amid the thousands of corporate gift items, we have something in the store for you that checks all the boxes. 

Presenting, the Stress Buster Box! Countering the struggles of the initial days for a new joinee and welcoming them with a pleasing gift, this hamper has everything to ease the experience for the new member of your team. 

Did someone say gifts? We have everything you need!

Getting a gift for your employees may be tricky work. One wrong gift and you are the bosses that don’t understand the sacred art of giving gifts. And maybe it is not your fault. Today, amid thousands of gifts being available on the Internet, it is easy to get lost in the noise. It can often leave you confused and in the end, you might be making last-minute calls to find the perfect gift. 

But it doesn’t have to be that way! 

We are Confetti Gifts, a comprehensive gift shop that has gifts for all your occasions, right from year-end gifting Gift Boxes to Corporate gifts for new joinee Of The Month. 

We have listed down gifts and gift hampers that are suited for all your needs. In fact, you can even prepare your own gift box to personalize the experience and make it your own. We understand how important gifts are and so, we try to bring the best to you.

If you are still not convinced, we urge you to take a quick look at our store and browse through it! We have everything you need at the click of a button. So, what are you waiting for? Just visit our collection and who knows, you may find the gift you are looking for!


What do you put in a welcome basket for new employees?

You can include a variety of things in a new joinee welcome gift basket, including chocolates or a Chocolicious gift box, company swag like a sweatshirt or a notebook with the logo of the company, a Chai Lover hamper with tea-related treats, or a Stress Buster Box filled with items to make the first few days easier.

What is the best way to welcome a new employee?

Depending on the corporate culture and individual tastes of the new hire, numerous methods could be the ideal way to greet them. A mentor or buddy can be assigned to help a new hire adjust to the workplace, and small get-togethers or team lunches can be organised to make them feel welcomed and appreciated. Another effective way to welcome new hires is by introducing them to their coworkers and team members.

How do you greet a colleague on the first day of office?

On a coworker's first day of work, you may begin by describing yourself and letting them know how happy you are to have them on board. Offer support and let them know they may get in touch with you whenever they have any problems or need support adjusting. You can also present them with a welcome gift from Confetti. 

What is a good employee welcome gift?

A creative and personalised present might be a terrific business gift idea for new employees. Think of giving a nameplate, a chic pen set, or a desktop organiser as personalised workplace accessories. Alternately, put together a gift basket with a variety of gourmet food, healthful delights, or both. You can also go through Confetti's assortment of hampers that would surely be loved by the new hire.