Ideas to celebrate Diwali in office in 2023

The festival of lights is already upon us, and with the country gearing up in earnest for the celebrations, why should the office be left behind? Celebrating Diwali in office in 2023 is always possible with the right ideas and a little effort. After all, it is that time of the year, when companies go all out to make employees feel special and a little celebration is always needed with a view towards boosting overall team/group bonding and sentiments. Here are a few ideas that you can keep in mind in this regard. 

Below are some Ideas to celebrate Diwali in office

Decorate your office in style 

One of the best Diwali celebration ideas is to deck up your workspace in a befitting manner. Use fairy lights or other colorful lights to set the festive mood. You can also use Diyas at strategic points, along with hanging lanterns and other Torans. You can also use bottle lights which look good when accentuated by green plants. And of course, who can neglect the Rangoli? This is one of the cornerstones of Diwali celebrations both at home and work. A well-decorated workspace is the best build-up to the festivities. It also makes for several Kodak moments on otherwise-regular days at work. 

Throwing that office party

What is a celebration without a classic Diwali office party? Usher in Diwali in 2023 with an epic party for your employees and colleagues. Plan everything to the last detail, right from the munchies and beverages, to the decor, music, and more. It will undoubtedly be the best way to treat your employees to an evening of fun and merriment. Throw in a few fun games and activities (with prizes of course) and watch everyone let their hair down and unwind! 

Diwali-Special Dress Codes 

Encourage your colleagues to dress up in their finest ensembles ahead of the festival. This not only uplifts the mood at work, but also makes for fabulous photo-ops for your company! Why not put in a fun photo booth or host a Diwali fashion show for your colleagues? It comes only once a year, so you might as well pull out all the stops! 

Tokens of Warmth and Appreciation with a perfect hamper

How about encouraging each employee to write vibrant notes for their fellow workers and team members that they can pin up in their corners? Even leaders and the top management can use the occasion to send out appreciation letters and notes (with a personal touch) to their employees. Sending tokens of warmth and appreciation such as handwritten notes, a perfect gift hamper for Diwali builds that much-needed positivity throughout the workplace, while motivating people to do even better in the future.

Encourage Creativity

As a Diwali-special activity, encourage employees to get creative. Have Rangoli and poster-making or art competitions. Someone may write good poetry. Someone may dance well, while some may love making music. Use competitions, games, and even a special performance/cultural program to harness these talents. In fact, a full-on Diwali musical night or program may work wonders.

Gifting It Right

One of the most intrinsic Diwali celebration ideas is to find the right gifts for your employees. You can check out Corporate Diwali gifts online in this regard. There are a variety of corporate gift baskets and other business gifts that will not only work for your staff members, but also your clients and associates. There are special collections of premium Diwali gift hampers for your needs. You can even find Diwali gifts under 2000 if you are on a budget.

The concepts behind corporate gifting have evolved along with human trends and preferences. All your presents are reflective of your brand and must have a personal touch, since this is what positively impacts recipients. Nowadays you can also go for pre-curated corporate gift boxes or even customized gift boxes, depending on your requirements. 

These are some of the best ideas to celebrate Diwali in office in 2023 without a doubt. Usher in the festive period with fun, bonding, and warmth all around. 

Organise A Dance Party

Indian festivals place a lot of importance on dance, and the Diwali festival is no exception. As a result, you can host a dance party for the staff at the workplace. Regardless of whether they know the dance moves or not, every employee will definitely have a good time at the dance fest.

You can also turn this dance fest into a competition, with the winner receiving a prize, to heighten the excitement of this event. Dance fests are fantastic office Diwali party suggestions since they inspire coworkers to relax, interact, and have fun.

Organise A Talent Show

This is one of the most exciting Diwali party concepts out of all the fun ones. A talent show is the best Diwali activity for the office, as each employee is unique and possesses a skill that others in the company may or may not be aware of. Not only is hosting a talent show a fantastic employee engagement activity, but it also gives staff members a stage to display their talents. You can organise activities like: 

  • Face-painting competition with a Diwali theme
  • Henna painting for the Diwali potluck
  • Rangoli, etc.

Online Tambola:

Working in a virtual setup should not stop you from playing Diwali games in the office. You can still engage and have fun with your colleagues by indulging in online games like virtual Tambola. This will help in team bonding and foster communication between your virtual team.

Decorate The Space With Balloons

The simplest way to liven up any festive celebration is by decorating the space with a lot of colourful balloons. Even though it's just a basic adornment, the variety of shapes and colours you may use can make the decoration look fascinating. Balloons are also excellent for adorning areas where it might be best to keep any flammable things far away, such as the file cabinet.

Organise A DIY Paper Lantern Activity

Organise a fun DIY activity of making paper lanterns. Making paper lanterns with your team, however, can also serve as a fun activity for team development. Therefore, gather some crepe paper, glue and scissors and start having fun. This activity will add glitter to your Diwali celebration in office.

Make Your Employees Do Good Deeds

The festival of Diwali celebrates the victory of Good over Evil. Hence, you too can motivate your employees or teammates to do their bit towards good of the society such as donating old clothes, books, etc. This is one of the terrific ways to put a smile on the faces of those who are orphans and bring them into the holiday spirit.

These are some of the best ideas to celebrate Diwali in the office in 2023 without a doubt. Usher in the festive period with fun, bonding, and warmth all around.

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Frequently Asked Questions On Diwali Celebration Ideas In Office

How to celebrate Diwali virtually at work?

The best way to celebrate Diwali virtually at your workplace is by:

  • Indulging in virtual games with your teammates,
  • Organising an online theme party, 
  • Setting up a virtual photo booth, etc. 

How can I make Diwali more fun in the office?

You can organise fireworks activity post office hours, have fun games within the team, arrange for a potluck, have everyone dressed in ethnic wear, etc to make the Diwali celebration more engaging and fun. 

How can I decorate my workplace in Diwali?

You can decorate your workplace with balloons, lanterns, diyas, festive lights, rangoli, etc.