5 Thoughtful Gifts Ideas for Employees

Over the years, the gap between employers and employees has bridged to an extent. Employers have taken measures to make the workplace a healthier place. And why wouldn’t they? A happy employee can prove to be an invaluable addition to your team and aid you in taking your business to the next level.

Research led by professors at the University of Warwick revealed that when people are happier, they are bound to be 12% more productive. When your employees are dedicating themselves to ensuring excellence for your company, it is only natural that they receive appreciation in a form other than salary.

Let’s say you appreciate their efforts and in return, you want to provide them with gifts that signify their immense contribution. Moreover, with the number of festivals that Indians celebrate, it may become an uphill task for you to decide on a unique and thoughtful gift for every occasion.

Managing your day-to-day activities at the workplace is a task in itself. And we understand that being a master gift-giver comes with a lot of pressure. However, we at Confetti Gifts can take some things off your plate.

We have compiled a list of gifts to aid you in the process. And as you take your time to choose a thoughtful gift for your employees, we urge you to just quickly go through this short list of gifts that your employee will love.

Here are five thoughtful gift ideas for employees that deserve the best:

Stress Buster Box

Stress can get to the best and most productive of employees. As per a report by LinkedIn, more than half of Indian employees experience stress at the workplace. It is no surprise that in such a case, employees may not be able to do their best under the immense pressure of stress.

At a time like this, why not make it easier for your employees? Why not take a moment to look for a gift that shows how you care about your employees and are aiding them in finding a way to bust their stress.

Confetti Gifts’ Stress Buster Box can take some unnecessary thoughts off your employees’ minds. So that, whenever the tough gets going, your employees can turn to the stress buster box and make stress a secondary worry.  

A Gift Card

Sometimes, letting them choose makes all the difference in the world. The world would be a better place if only people would choose to give others gift cards instead of soan papdi. 

Looking at the overwhelming number of gift hampers online with a range of online gifts for boys and a vast variety of gift hampers for men, it is easy for you to get lost amid all the choices. Don’t you wish that the person who you are buying a gift for could get to choose the perfect gift for themselves! 

That is why we at Confetti Gifts, believe in making it possible for you with our special Gift Cards. We spent days on the Internet looking everywhere between ‘gift hampers for men’, ‘gift for girls online’, ‘online gifts for boys’ and even ‘wedding hampers’!

After which, we have narrowed the list of endless gifts into ones that would be the perfect option. So, look no further for a gift that captures the appreciation for your employees! All you have to do is just approve the proposal for a gift card and let them choose for themselves.

90s Kid Playing Cards

It would not be an exaggeration if we said that all employees have been through one of the days when working got a bit too overwhelming. How we wish to go back in time when things were simpler! 

While scientists across the globe are still figuring out how to build a time machine, we have something for your employees that can take them down memory lane; their happy place!

Our 90s Kid Playing Cards is a perfect tribute to all 90s kids. We insist that once you hand over the gift to your employees, look at them smiling as they unwrap the gift followed by the unwrapping of their memories.

For the Chai Lover

One of the easiest ways to find comfort on a busy day is a chai break! For employees that love chai and find comfort in the beverage, our Chai Lover gift hamper is one of the best ways to make them happy.

And while it may not be the top search result for ‘luxury gift hampers india’, for all the chai lovers, this is nothing more than a gift that exceeds the worth of any luxury item. After all, the ginger-induced beverage has been through thin and thick for these individuals.

For the Choco Maniac

When the options are many and time is of the essence, choosing our chocolate-filled gift hamper, Choco Maniac can not only ease your worry to choose the perfect gift but also leave your employees with a sweet tooth.

After a wonderful day at work, as your employees leave for home, do you know what could enhance this day for them? Chocolate. Nothing can go wrong when there is chocolate in the picture. Every occasion, every festival has been graced by the humble presence of chocolate.

Right from timely verbal praises to going out of your way to provide valuable feedback, maintaining a healthy relationship with your employees is bound to yield results in the longer run. Their contributions are what make the difference.

Are you still looking for a way to convey to your employees that you consider them an asset and invaluable part of the company? Want to express your gratitude to the new member for doing a job with finesse or rewarding your most valuable employees for their contribution? 

At Confetti Gifts, we have a range of gifts and gift hampers that go well with every occasion and help you find the perfect gift for your priceless contributors in work. Check out our range of products and choose your way of saying ‘Thank You!’ now.