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Marital life is indeed a very blissful phase of life that marks the beautiful beginning of two individuals' life, together as a couple. It brings a sack full of ups and downs, but the strength of having a partner makes this journey a cherishable one. Everyone seeks that forever partner after one age because living alone in this highly competitive and ruthless world is not a cakewalk exactly. Another individual who chooses to stand by you and support you is what makes the battles an easier fight.

Since marriage holds such a sacred place in our culture and plays a massive role in transforming an individual’s lives, it is always recommended that you send the beautiful couple off to the journey of life on a sweet note as a well-wisher. The best way to imply well wishes is through gifts. Gifts have always been the best way to express one's love and affection to the receiver. This is why one must give a heartfelt wedding gift box to bride and groom and encourage them to start the beautiful journey on a good note, with a heartwarming token of appreciation from you!

As they are starting their new phase of life, wedding hampers are some form of sharing the happiness, joy, and also blessing them with all happiness and smiles. Even though they receive quite a number of gifts, it is always true that one gift or other will surely catch their heart. In that case, when we give them something they love or something that will be useful for their future, it will surely be a memory. Creating memories and cherishing the wonderful gifts will generally be the motive of life. Bridegroom’s gift unboxing will always be fun and this will be their first task together too! So make it funnier and more exciting with your surprising gifts.


It is not every day that your friend or loved one decides to get married to the love of their life. This golden moment comes only once in a lifetime. Grab this opportunity to send your loved one into the arms of marital bliss with your best wishes. The best way to convey these best wishes is through a gift! Gifts have always been a mandatory element at every wedding party because they express love and affection in the most subtle yet obvious way. Since it is such a huge moment in your favourite person´s life, they deserve a gift that makes it even more memorable. A gift is supposed to bring joy and happiness when received. It is a gesture of goodwill that portraits good intentions and moral motives. Take the charm of the celebration up a notch with a creative gift idea that will make the recipients squeal with glee. Get them a charming gift box!

Gift boxes are the perfect gift idea for all occasions and moods. They make the right gift for the bride and groom because they are a merger of both their likes and dislikes, with a hint of the bond that they intend to get stronger with time. Gift boxes are a complete package of everything excellent. Gift boxes by Confetti are the best gift idea to start a new journey of life on a good note because they complete the whole circle on their own!

It is always hard to choose gifts for our dear ones. They are quite complicated since we take all care and effort to surprise them and satisfy them with some form of unique gifts or hampers or boxes. When it comes to wedding gift hampers, it may be based on the person’s preference, needs, happiness, etc. But when all three are combined, then for sure the gift is going to be a perfect one. Choosing hampers would be a perfect option since there will be varieties, combinations, themes, colors, and many more. Get your hands on the wonderful hamper box collections and surprise your dear ones with wonderful boxes.


Buying the perfect gift online for the beautiful bride and groom is very important. Ditch the usual bouquet of carnations and statues of deities, spice things up a little bit with premium quality gift boxes for Bride and Groom from Confetti! Not every day your favourite couple decides to tie the knot, show your excitement and appreciation for the happy couple with the help of a creative gift that will steal their hearts. Explore the impressive collection of carefully curated gift boxes for the bride and groom to make the perfect wedding gift basket for the beloved couple. Check out the humble yet lavish gift boxes containing premium quality products that the recipients will enjoy for sure. Shop according to their preference and offer them a gift that they'll remember forever. Choose the best option from the vast collection that ranges from the fantastic ¨Partner in Crime¨ box to the marvellous ¨Chai Lover¨ box,premium diwali gifts, Christmas Day Gifts, New Year Gifts, Valentine Gifts, the ¨Monsieur¨ and ¨Blush¨ box (that go best together), wine gift baskets and even the classic gift box that everyone loves. To make their Christmas memorable, we have some great Christmas gifts for brides and grooms. Here is a small detailed view of the wonderful wedding gift hamper options:

  1. Men in Black - If your brother or friend is getting married, for sure you would gift some product that would define him. But this “Men In Black” hamper which is comprised of a wonderful tie, unique flask, the greeting card, and many more would surely make him feel special and proud to be your friend! The tie could be the perfect companion for his important meeting and outings.
  2. Hello Gorgeous - This hamper would definitely help her in pampering after all the traditions, and unmendable shopping. The hamper comprises pleasant and wonderful self-care products that help in accompanying self pamper sessions.
  3. Bride To Be Hamper - When it is your best friend’s big day or sister’s bid day, you will surely be equally excited. In that case, we have to keep them smiling and occupied throughout the whole happy process. This bride-to-be kit will be a perfect option that has a pretty reusable box, self-care products, a bride-to-be tag, and many more. 

Also, there is an option if you like to customize the hampers for couples with some replacements or additions. It is a cooler option that confetti gives to customize or personalize according to one’s wish.

Add more charm to the celebration with these gift boxes from Confetti and make it an affair to remember!


Confetti is your favourite online one-top gift shop with the perfect gift box ideas for all occasions and moods. From the best bride and groom celebration gift ideas to perfect gift ideas for ¨to-be-moms¨, birthday gift boxes, anniversary gift ideas, gift boxes for parents' anniversary, and more! Everything is available under one roof only at Confetti. The wide range of carefully curated collections of products available at Confetti is created from scratch with the sole purpose of providing valuable customers with a gifting experience that they´ll cherish forever. Confetti brings you premium quality products, like gift hampers, diwali gifts, corporate gifts, mother's day giftsrakhi gift hampers anniversary gifts, and wedding gifts, at the most reasonable prices that make the celebration even better! Not just that, at Confetti, you also get to take advantage of commendable customer care services, fast delivery options, and multiple payment options that make your shopping experience a luxurious one. At Confetti, the satisfaction of the valuable customer is a priority. Make your events even more special with a creative gift box from Confetti. Spread happiness like confetti with Confetti!

Even though there are wide online gifting stores, it is always important to deliver the best quality of the product with unique combination gifts. Gift boxes are something that is been common nowadays. People prefer gift box and hamper boxes because they will be a collection of gifts. Also if there is something like customization or personalization is there, then it's like adding fire to the flame. You can also self-gift for yourself if in case you would like to be hampered. They have a variety of gift options and each category has a wide range of gift boxes, that will make your choice process easier and manageable. It is manageable because they have customisation in their policies, which is a steal deal! All the gifts are perfectly made with love and care by the experts who have some wonderful gifting thought process. You can also choose a wedding gift hamper for bride from the collection available online.


A wedding is a lavish affair on its own. Such a vast event deserves a gift that matches its standards and excitement. You will find several over-priced, monotonous gift options in the local markets that will leave you disappointed. At Confetti, you get the chance to shop premium quality, out-of-the-box gift ideas for the bride and groom gifts while just sitting in the comfort of your cosy living room. Say goodbye to the old shopping experience and embrace the new luxury shopping experience with Confetti. Simply place your order online and get the best marriage gift box for the bride delivered to your doorsteps or the doorsteps of the happy couple! Just with a few clicks, get your cart delivered to any nook or corner of the country. Shop with Confetti and make shopping fun again!

Personalised Gifts for Bride and Groom Online in India and Abroad

Unique Gifts for the bride Online from Confetti Gifts

“Marriage is the beginning- the beginning of the family and is a lifelong commitment”.

We all know that the excitement of getting married is more likely to be in females. The not only excitement but the feeling of getting married is also mixed with fear, hesitation, and a bit of pain of leaving her parent’s home. The main attraction of getting married is going to start a very new brand journey with your husband.

Let’s talk about the importance or the benefits of getting married to the right person.

  • The all-time helping hand available to look after the odds and evens of the house.
  • You guys can lean on each other in the kitchen too, like taking or putting stuff on shelves.
  • It is important to choose a best friend to share all your happiness, success, joys and sorrows.
  •  Make sure to support in the times of highs and lows. Love always doubles after every fight and when you face difficult situations by holding hands.
  • The earthen pot to motivate you, live longer as it has proven that married people live longer than unmarried.
  • Your all-time Valentine’s Day partner.
  • The number-one comfort provider after a hectic day.
  • The best secret keeper you can rely on.
  • They stand forever as your partner in each scenario of life. Whether you had a bad dream, or not able to take a rest.
  • Your helping hand to bring households in case you are busy or fall ill.
  • You will come to know about the whole new family and their trends.
  • It is a very blessed feeling when you have someone who knows you just like you.
  • Your partner will become a real stress buster for you.
  • He/she shares laughs.
  • They can be your best partners in crime too which can change the understanding level in between the relationship.
  • Your anytime costume stylist.
  • No more tension of late-night coming to the home.
  • Now on weekends, you can have a party, or a decent set dinner.
  • Seeing the happy faces of each and other after a long day rejuvenates liveliness.
  • The most fascinating aspect of getting married is to grow old together.

Marriages are designed to give and take unquestioning love towards each and other. It has some pure elements of love, faith, and care.

The significance of getting comfortable in any relationship plays a vital role in the lifespan. Especially in the relationship of husband and wife. It develops the connection between the two, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

As we have gone through the point that the excitement of getting married is more likely to be in females. So, Mr. Groom, it is your utmost allegiance to do some never forgetting favors like gifting her some mind-boggling things like the Say No More kit, Blush kit, Dirty Peach kit, etc. which are easily available in the online market. These gifts will add more spark in the pulchritudinous relation you are going to be in.


Finished your education, obtained a job, and got married. Like almost all the males out there, marrying is the utmost thing to do after he gets financially stable, which is not at all a bad agenda.

But nowadays, the dynamics have changed to get married. The boy and the girl both are more concerned about certain things like behavior, understanding level, stability, love, care, share, and, whatnot.

The main attraction of the wedding is the wedding hampers you get from family, relatives, or friends. The value of the gift is counted based on usage and who it is presented to. The Confetti Gifts is the online platform where you can buy some very worthwhile as well as engaging gifts for groom and gifts for bride. This platform offers you a wide range of astonishing gift boxes with the option of customization. You can pick up gifts for different occasions in respect of relations.

The Confetti Gifts have a varied range of gifts. There are several genres of gift boxes at our online store to choose from e.g., Gift box for Anniversary, Gift box for Wedding, Gift box for Birthday, Gift box for Parents, Gift box for Bride/Groom, Gift box for Brother/Sister, and, whatnot.

Different kinds of Gifts for Bride-

Getting married is a very fresh start with the person you are going to get married to. Give it a start with the blossom of gifting him a flower. It shows your love and care towards them.


Some of the uncommon gifts offered by Confetti Gifts are the Men In Black box, which contains some very useful items like a Hip flask, Rose Charcoal soap bar, Jack Daniels bottle opener, Black satin tie, the most startling product which is a Handwritten Customised Card with the choice of your message written on it.

A marriage is a relation of developing a bond of love, understanding, and, care between the two. For such types of relations, we offer you the special box which helps you to gel with your partner in a more efficient way called Partners In Crime box. This box contains the Zara Men perfume, Zara Women perfume, a jar of very delicious Red Velvet mini cookies, an eye-catching Resin art coaster set, a hand-written greeting card with the choice of your message written on it, the perfect quality reusable box.

This online gifting platform provides you some classy and peculiar boxes of gifts. The boxes like the True Brown offer you a branded man’s leather wallet, Phy’s face and beard wash, lavish-looking Maroon Bow tie, 2 packs of healthy Barbeque almonds and more.

Last but not least, Confetti Gifts comes up with the gift box purely dedicated to the Groom. The Groom To Be box, which contains comfortable Groom Socks, Blue Satin tie, Charcoal Rose-cut soap, Tuxedo Chocolate flavored popcorns and many more.