Netflix and Chill

Netflix and Chill

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 THIS BOX INCLUDES:                                                                     

  • 1 pair of Netflix and Chill Socks
  • Pack of Premium Popcorn Kernels 300 g
  • Cheese Popcorn Seasoning 20 g
  • Peri Peri Popcorn Seasoning 20 g
  • Italian Popcorn Seasoning 20 g
  • A Greeting Card of Your Choice
  • Reusable Black Signature Box ( 25 x 20 x 10 cm) with partitions

1 pair of Netflix and Chill Socks:

  • Country of Origin: India

Pack of Premium Popcorn Kernels:

  • Quantity: 300g
  • Country of Origin: India

Cheese Popcorn Seasoning:

  • Quantity: 20g
  • Country of Origin: India

Peri Peri Popcorn Seasoning:

  • Quantity: 20g
  • Country of Origin: India

Italian Popcorn Seasoning:

  • Quantity: 20g
  • Country of Origin: India

Gift Box:

  • Material: Kappa Board
  • Dimensions: (25.4 x 20.32 x 10.16) Cm

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Ready to level up your movie-watching experience? Brace yourself for the ultimate Netflix and Chill gift box that's here to satisfy your crunchy, salty cravings! Get cosy, hit play, and indulge in premium popcorn kernels with a variety of mouthwatering seasonings. Plus, what screams "Netflix and Chill" more than rocking a pair of socks that say it all? This makes for a cool gift for couples, families, and friends and is perfect for all occasions!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews

Best for movie lover

kiran rathi

Movie buff dream


Perfect movie hamper

Nilay Dutta

the packaging was really amazing👍


The hamper was nice but i did not like the taste of the seasonings🤢🤢

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Q. How many varieties of seasonings are included with the popcorn kernels?

Ans. The gift box includes three varieties of seasonings for the popcorn kernels: Cheese, Peri Peri, and Italian.

Q. Can the socks in the gift box be customized?

Ans. The socks included in the Netflix and Chill gift box are pre-selected and no need to be customized.

Q. For whom is the gift box suitable for?

Ans. The gift box is perfect for anyone who enjoys movies or series marathons, making it a great choice for friends, family, or partners who love spending cozy evenings with some Netflix and delicious popcorn.

The Best "Netflix and Chill Box" Gift Ideas from Confetti Gifts 

One cannot undermine the joy that Netflix brings to us in our daily lives. The convenience and entertainment provided by this portal have made it one of the most preferred ways of relaxing. 

The sheer number of options available is enough to completely spoil you for choice. 

If you are looking for a gift for a Netflix aficionado like us, this Netflix and Chill box is going to be the perfect pick for you. 

How “Netflix Box “ is One of the Top Recommended Gift Hamper  

This Netflix and Chill hamper is amongst the best gifts out there because it is the perfect companion for a cosy evening at home. 

  • It consists of Netflix and Chill socks that you can wear while lounging around your place. It will keep your feet warm and look super cool as well. 
  • The pack of premium popcorn kernels in this Netflix gift box comes with three different kinds of seasonings. If you love snacking, while bingeing on your favourite shows and movies, this pack is going to come in handy for you. 
  • The personalised greeting card will add a personal touch to this chillax Netflix box. 
  • The black signature gift box is reusable and it looks very stunning when given as a gift to someone. 

Confetti Gifts - Online Store for Unique & Thoughtful Gifts 

Confetti Gifts is a one-stop solution for all your gifting needs. We have a dedicated range of gift options for various occasions. In fact, you can browse through an expansive range of options that resonate with your preferences and budgetary needs as well. You can personalized Gifts, also they have a huge range of Birthday Gifts, Anniversary Gifts and much more. Confetti Gifts and its unique gift hampers always bring up a personal touch and is perfect to surprise your loved ones. 

FAQs On Netflix And Chill Hamper

What is the "Netflix and Chill" concept?

The concept of Netflix and Chill refers to this widely prevalent practice of relaxing at home while watching Netflix. Furthermore, this slang is often used to invite friends and family over for a fun and cosy evening at home that entails lounging around, watching Netflix and snacking. 

Why is the Netflix Box from Confetti Gifts a great gift idea?

This Netflix gift box is a great gift idea because it has everything that you need to sit at home comfortably and have a good time. From your favourite munchies (popcorn) to a cool pair of socks, this Netflix box has everything that you need for enjoying a nice, laid-back evening. 

Can I customise the items in my Netflix Box?

Yes. You can click on the ‘Style Your Own Box’ tab on our page, to customise the products in this chillax Netflix box. 

How long does it take to receive my Netflix Box from Confetti Gifts?

The standard shipping takes anywhere from 2-8 days depending upon your location. If this Netflix and Chill hamper has to be shipped to an international location, it will take around 10-12 days.