Want to make your long distance beau feel special? We've got you covered.

A romantic gift from our partner never fails to surprise us, especially when you are in a long distance relationship. If you are looking for some cute long distance gift ideas, there must be someone you are missing right now who deserves the best gift ever. We’re here to help you find the perfect present to make your loved one feel special. These long distance relationship gifts are truly unique and will do the trick to cheer them up from afar. When you are away from your partner, you tend to miss the things you used to do together and the experiences you share when you meet. Our list of LDR gifts for him and her will remind them of those experiences and adorable moments you shared together. Read on to find how to plan the best surprises for long distance boyfriend, stellar gifts for girlfriend, and other long distance gift ideas

Letters To ‘Open When’

Long distance relationships are the best time to showcase your love for your partner and to realise that distance cannot come between your lovely bond. Whether it is trying extra hard to stay in touch or sending adorable long distance relationship gifts, couples staying far away need to put in extra efforts to keep the fire burning. So why not make it memorable by sending him/her some romantic letters that include special messages meant to be opened at a particular time. It could be when they are angry, happy, stressful from work or just missing you terribly. It will make them feel like you’re with them during their most important moments even while you’re far away. 

A Self Care Reminder

The best thing you can do for someone you love is let them know that you care for their needs and well being. Being far apart, they may be surrounded by a world of uncertainties but a single surprise from you will make their worries vanish! Get them a Lavish Lavender box that will melt their heart with the best goodies inside. Some soothing Lavender scented bath salts, sheet mask, scented soap and cookies are all they will need to go into the zen state of mind. It will be a heart warming gift that will remind them of your presence even from far away. 


Long Distance Movie Night

The best way to cure someone of homesickness is to watch their favourite movies together with a large tub of popcorn. If you can't do it together, you can surely send them a Netflix and Chill box and give them a night to remember with loads of fun and delicious snacks. You can watch a movie together on video call and enjoy your favourite scenes just like if you were watching them by each other's side! It's a gift that would allow you to spend time with your partner and try to close the distance with some romantic time together. 


Say No More Box

If you are tired of talking to each other on call or seeing them in little boxes on your phone or laptop, just Say No More and give them an adorable gift box filled with an Octopus plushie, You're the Bomb bath bomb, Peppermint Candy, caramel popcorn and many other goodies that will make her happy. Just stop overthinking and let her know how awesome she is with this delightful box. Sometimes, all your long distance partner needs is a reminder that you love them and are missing them. Give them the pampering they deserve and make them smile!


Order Their Favourite Food

Sometimes, food can be a love language when you can't speak face to face. After a long day of deadlines and work, anyone would be relieved to come home to their favourite food. Even better would be to surprise them so they aren't expecting it! Order Their favourite dishes or the ones that you both love and remind them of your good times together. It can be one of the best long distance relationship gifts for guys and girls to satisfy their cravings and touch their heart.


Long distance relationships can be a struggle to cope with but there is always something you can do to cheer up your partner from afar. Gestures of love and affection, such as sending them gifts or surprising them with a visit always stay in their memories. You can get amazing long distance relationship gifts at Confetti to surprise your loved ones in the cutest way.