New Year is Around The Corner: Here's How You Can Celebrate At Home

On New Years’ Eve, there’s no better way to ring in 2023 than by throwing an awesome New Year party and getting a unique New Year gift for your closest ones. You also need to be careful considering the pandemic is not over yet, so host a small masked party at home and we will tell you how to make it special!  You can also invite your friends staying far away and tell them to join in the fun over Zoom. No matter who you invite and what your theme is, you can never go wrong with catchy decorations, a stylish outfit, delicious food and loads of champagne. Though you might have to keep it close knit this year too owing to the COVID spike, you can celebrate the new year wonderfully with our out-of-the-box ideas and amazing new year gifts online

If you haven’t hosted a party at home in a while, you must have forgotten how fun it is! Although you have everyone to think about, you need to play as per your comfort. If you find it challenging to stay up through midnight, have a New Year's Day brunch in the morning with all your favourite people. If you find it difficult hosting inside, choose an outdoor location like a patio or backyard which will make the party even more fun. The basic elements for any party are some drinks, good company, delicious food and a new year present for your loved ones, but you can make your New Years’ even more memorable with these awesome ideas!

Have a DIY Cocktail Party

If there’s anything more fun than a New Years’ Party, it’s a cocktail New Years’ Party where you get to make your own cocktails! Get a DIY Cocktail New Year hamper for your friends and join in the fun as they try to mix different drinks out of our cocktail recipe book. Cocktails and New Years’ go hand in hand, which is why you can have everyone in the party make a batch of their favourite cocktail and leave the supplies to us! It is one of the best New Year gift ideas for friends that the entire group can enjoy. 

Host a Game Night

The best thing to do on New Years’ Eve is to have a fun game night with your friends and enjoy the friendly banter. Play cards, poker and board games like monopoly with your family and friends to make the night memorable. This is a fun time to spend the night that definitely won’t make you bored till midnight! You can play another game to decide what you will do for the night. Blindfold one person and make them point at anyone in the group without looking, and whoever they point at, gets to choose the game for the night! This is how you can have some unexpected fun for New Years!

Enjoy a Movie Marathon

You can’t go wrong with a movie night because that’s something everyone loves. Sitting around on a couch, huddled together and eating delicious popcorn is the most relaxing New Years’ Eve idea out there. A great movie-themed New Year hamper is the Netflix and Chill box that includes some of the most lip smacking flavours of popcorn seasoning that will make you want more. This box is one of the best New Year gift ideas for boyfriend that will ensure you spend quality time together doing your favourite thing. How awesome would it be to watch those childhood classics all over again with your family on New Years Eve and experience the nostalgia! 

Give Amazing New Year Gifts Online

Although you are the host, you can give your friends and family some keepsakes to make them remember the awesome time you had and wish them the best for the coming year. We also have some great New Year gift ideas for employees that you can send to their doorstep and light up their day. If you are looking for some traditional New Year gift ideas, the Candy House box is the best gift to send someone online. It encloses the festive spirit of the New Year and is filled with sweet treats that everyone loves. Watch the little kids get excited when they find the classic sweets like gum ball candies, lollipops and fortune cookies inside! This is the ultimate gift to make someone’s New Year memorable and fun.


New Years’ is a time to celebrate with your loved ones, but you may not be able to do that this year owing to the pandemic. There are ways you can still enjoy this night, with our unique ideas. You can send delightful long distance New Year gifts to your loved ones with Confetti and we will make sure it reaches their doorstep on time. Check out our vast variety of best New Year gifts for girlfriend, boyfriend, family and corporate gifts that will make everyone’s New Year memorable.