It is Not a Gift If It Doesn’t Come Out of a Gift Box!

Be it birthdays, anniversaries or office parties, there is never any dearth of special occasions to celebrate. When you are invited to a special event by someone you love, you can’t avoid making an appearance. But you can’t think of visiting any celebration bare handed. You must have a gift in hand! And we are sure that you just imagined yourself holding a gift box. Why the constant association of a gift with its box? Well, because a gift in a box is as special as it can get. While choosing a gift, it is as important to think about the outer wrapping as the inner gift material. How your gift is perceived is determined by how it looks from the outside, and the joy of watching a decorated gift box for you in someone’s hand is unparalleled. When you stand before someone holding a gift box, they are left wondering with curiosity about what’s inside. Moreover, giving a gift in a special gift box is the classic way of gifting that makes the look complete. If the outer box is stunning, it makes the people in the room believe that the gift inside must be astonishing as well. So sticking to the traditional way of gifting, we bring to you some unique gift box ideas to make your gift appear even more charming and attract the recipient’s attention.

Types of Gift Boxes

While you can get a host of gift boxes online made of different materials, we would like to recommend reusable boxes made in a sustainable way that lasts longer and can be used by the recipient to store other things. Check out these trendy ideas to style your own gift box that will charm any one who sees it!

Signature Black Box

This classic gift box design leaves even more to the imagination about what could be inside it. You can choose some amazing presents and create a customized gift box which creates a mysterious air about the gift inside. The classiest design you will find, this black box can also be used to keep makeup tools or any other objects the recipient wants.

Rakhi Box

You undoubtedly know that Rakhi is coming up and if you haven’t planned a surprise for your brother yet, you’re lucky to have found this gift. Rakhi is the one day we get all year to pamper our siblings and shower our love on them. Do it the right way with a gift under 1599 India and a brilliantly decorated gift box along with it. This creative way of gifting is sure to take your brother’s breath away when he sees the gift box land on his doorstep.


Personalized Gift Box

Everyone loves being given special treatment, especially on their big day. Giving a charming wooden gift box engraved with their name and a special gift inside is sure to make them smile with joy. Personalized gift boxes online are the best way to win someone’s heart that looks stunning and sophisticated and can be cherished by your loved one for years to come. Just mention your friend’s name before placing a gift online, and he/she will be blown away by your unexpected surprise! 

Minimalistic Beige Box

If simple and classy is your mojo, place your gift in a muted beige coloured gift box that your loved one can use to keep his/her favourite belongings. That’s the unique thing about a reusable box, and the recipient will remember you every time they open the box to look at its contents!

Funky Love Box

If you really want to take a close loved one by surprise, an adorable XOXO gift box is the way to go. She will know it’s from a special someone right away when she looks at the charming cover. All you need is some romantic presents and goodies to place inside, and you will have a heartfelt gift fit for a queen. 

Gift Box Ideas to Make Them Smile

When you have selected the perfect outer box that will amaze your loved one, the only task at hand is to select the presents inside and make sure they match his/her liking. If you are not a fan of customized boxes, you can also get pre-packed gift boxes in India that come with a unique combination of gifts that you can choose from. To help you out, here are some great gift ideas that never fail to impress.

Gifts for Him

It’s a mystery fit for a detective to find a gift that your man will love. But we have cracked the code and come up with creative gifts that any man would be happy to receive. Some delightful options are the Men In Black gift box for the gentleman in your life and an Exemplary gift box to let him know he is nothing but extraordinary. Pamper him the right way with classy gifts like a leather wallet, elegant sunglasses or a beer kit!

Gifts for Her

The special lady in your life deserves all the love in the world. So spoil her with utmost care and some cherishable gifts like Cherry on Top gift box, Pink Affair gift box and Lavender Bay box. These adorable gifts are sure to create special memories that she will treasure throughout her life.



Gifts for your Guardian Angels

Your parents act as the guiding light for you all your life and the joy we feel to give them something back in return is extraordinary. Give them a special gift as a token of gratitude for raising you right and being the boulder you can rely on. A Fine Wine gift box ought to be the ideal gift for those who are aging like fine wine too! 

These out-of-the-ordinary gift boxes just prove how amazing it is to get a gift wrapped up in a special box meant just for you. That’s why we at Confetti believe in continuing this unique gifting tradition that lets you send your gifts in reusable gift boxes.