Best Valentine's Day Gifts Under 2000

Valentine’s Day is about to come and it's all about celebrating love and romance. So, are you looking for the best Valentine Day gift ideas that won’t leave your wallet crying? We’ve got you covered. Forget overpriced flowers and chocolates – you can make your partner feel special without spending a lot. Get creative with fun, personalised gifts tailored to your relationship this Valentine's Day from Confetti Gifts. 

From surprises to romantic keepsakes, we've rounded up the top gifts under Rs.2000 for Valentine's Day. Read on for budget-friendly hampers, experience boxes, and unique DIY presents your girlfriend or boyfriend will adore. 

Valentine Gifts under 2000 From Confetti Gifts

Token of Love

One of the best Valentine’s Day gifts under 2000 is the Token of Love gift set from Confetti Gifts. This romantic hamper includes a customised photo frame and Ferrero Rocher chocolates elegantly packaged in a lovely gift box. It's the perfect present to let your girlfriend or wife know just how special they are to you. The beautiful design and sentimental value make it a gift to cherish for years to come.

token of love

Hot Stuff

Add some spice to Valentine’s Day with a Hot Stuff gift box. Inside this playful hamper is a “Hot Stuff” mug, sweet dragees, marshmallows for melting over hot chocolate or coffee, and a fun heart puzzle you can solve together. It's one of the most unique, funny Valentine gifts under 2000 that is sure to make your partner laugh and feel appreciated. The puzzle is also a great couple activity for bringing you closer together!

hot stuff

All You Need Is Love

Express your love in a meaningful way with the All You Need Is Love Valentine's Day gift box from Confetti Gifts. This romantic gift box delivers everything you need to make your partner feel extra special – a customised metal frame for capturing memories, decadent Ferrero Rocher chocolates, and a heartwarming greeting card to showcase your affection. It’s one of the best Valentine’s Day gifts for wife under 2000.

all you need is love

King & Queen Couple T-Shirts

What’s better than gifts for couples? Matching a couple of T-shirts! Choose our his & hers King & Queen tees to wear on your next date night out. The comfortable cotton and royal crown graphics make these t-shirts perfect for celebrating in style with your partner. Coordinating outfits has never been so effortlessly cool.

king queen tshirt

Spicy Secrets

Heat things up this February 14 with the bold Spicy Secrets adult Valentine’s Day gift box. Inside, you’ll discover amazing bedroom accessories like furry handcuffs, massage oils, feather ticklers, and more for only under Rs. 2000! Have some naughty fun with the dice game and discover new ways to connect with your partner. The gift box also includes decadent artisan chocolate and a soy wax candle for creating a romantic atmosphere. 

spicy secrets

You Make My Heart Pop

The You Make My Heart Pop couple gift box is bursting with sweet treats and romance. Inside your Valentine, you will discover a personalised love note, chocolate popcorn, a unique popcorn bar, and other cute gifts specially chosen to celebrate your relationship. It’s one of the most playful and budget-friendly Valentine’s Day gifts under Rs. 2000.

you make my heart pop

Love Bliss Box

Pamper your sweetheart with the delightful Love Bliss Box from Confetti Gifts. Inside this self-care-themed hamper, your partner will discover soothing candles, romantic keepsakes like crochet roses, cheeky conversation starters, and other goodies to help you relax and connect. Tuck love notes into the greeting card and share all the reasons you cherish your relationship. It's one of the gifts under Rs.2000 for Valentine's Day.

love bliss box

Gift-Giving Tips

Follow these simple tips to pick the best Valentine’s Day gifts under 2000 for your partner:

gift giving tips

By keeping their unique personality and interests in mind, you’re sure to discover wonderful Valentine’s Day gifts under 2000 that are perfect for your special someone!


Finding the perfect Valentine's Day gift doesn't have to break the bank. With gifts under Rs. 2000 like romantic hampers, matching tees, adult surprises, and self-care boxes from Confetti Gifts, you can show your love without overspending. 

Focus on personalization and togetherness to make budget gifting feel extra special. This Valentine's Day, celebrate your relationship with creativity and thoughtfulness instead of an expensive price tag with Confetti Gifts.


What funny or naughty gifts can I get my girlfriend for under Rs. 2000?

Naughty gifts to surprise your girlfriend for under Rs. 2000 include the Hot Stuff gift box with a cheeky mug, treats, and puzzle, the Spicy Secrets adult gift hamper filled with massage oils, and bedroom accessories,

What are some Valentine's gifts for couples under a budget?

Great affordable gifts for couples under Rs. 2000 are his & hers matching t-shirts, puzzles/games you can play together, sweet hampers to enjoy side-by-side, and experience boxes with activities for two, like baking kits or cocktail-making classes.

What makes budget gifts feel more special?

You can make inexpensive Valentine's Day gifts by adding personalization with your partner's name or romantic quote, focusing on creative experiences over material items, including love letters/cards with heartfelt messages, or playing into inside jokes and their unique interests.

What self-care gifts can I get my girlfriend under Rs. 2000?

Top self-care treats to pamper your girlfriend for under Rs. 2000 include the Love Bliss Box from Confetti Gifts featuring candles, rose keepsakes, cheeky conversation starters about your relationship, and other relaxing surprises to help her unwind.